Altium Designer 20.1.7 Build 139 Crack & License Key {2020} Free Download

Altium Designer 20.1.7 Build 139 Serial Key & Patch {2020} Latest Free Download

Altium Designer Crack & License Key {Updated} Free Download

Altium Designer 20.1.7 Build 139 Crack represents decades of innovation and development that focus on creating a truly integrated design environment – One that allows users to easily connect to all aspects of the PCB design process. Achieving the perfect balance between strength and ease of use Altium Designer has established itself as the most widely used PCB design solution on the market.

Altium Designer 20.1.7 Build 139 Key Benefits:

One Tool, One Interface, One Experience: A user interface designed specifically to put the power of Altium Designer at your fingertips.

Share & Collaborate: Share designs directly and photos with anyone, accessible anywhere, from any device with powerful browser viewing and commenting capabilities.

Everything in One Place: Organize all your designs, libraries, and participants in one place. Simply review the advanced design history – from component changes to layer stack modifications – and easily restore and/or restore previous versions as needed.

Native 3D PCB Design: Immerse yourself in the visually stunning and photo-realistic 3D world of your design. Interact and collaborate with mechanical designers like never before.

Collaboration with MCAD: The original integration with SOLIDWORKS, Creo, and Inventor guarantees transparent collaboration with your MCAD colleagues. Forget about import/export, work like you did today, and stay in sync with one click.

Realistic Rigid-Flex: Design rigid-flex in full 3D and confirm that the 3D components, the housing assemblies, and the PCB set meet all mechanical requirements.

Multiboard Assembly: The original 3D engine allows you to see how the different systems of your product come together to check compatibility and connectivity, which makes it easier to find and solve card-to-card problems before going to the prototype.

Route Your Way: Push, slide, tighten, turn. Whatever the angle, look for a delay. Travel your way, faster than before.

Most Popular ECAD Tool: Building a difficult future. Simplify your life with Altium Designer, the first choice of designers around the world.

Altium Designer 20.1.7 Build 139 Key Features:

  • Design Review Use Case

Design reviews are very important for success. Capture design discussions via contextual comments in a web browser or in Altium Designer to ensure that comments are recorded and processed efficiently.

  • Electronic Collaboration Use Case

Work with other engineers around the world. With Git-based version control and visual difference capabilities, you can ensure that designers stay in sync at all times.

  • Customer Interaction Use Case

Keep your customers informed of progress by sharing design snapshots or work in progress, accessible in a web browser, from anywhere, on any device.

  • Manufacturer Collaboration Use Case

Release your manufacturing and assembly data with confidence and allow your manufacturing partners to view and comment on your manufacturing output data directly in the browser.

  • MCAD Collaboration Use Case

Stay in tune with your mechanical engineering colleagues with managementless, managementless collaboration, thanks to native integration with SOLIDWORKS, Creo, and Inventor.

  • Software Collaboration Use Case

Effective debugging hardware requires access to design. Embedded software engineers can now search, select and cross-reference schematic, layout, and 3D browsers.

  • Remote Working Use Case

Remote working is no longer an exception, but the norm. Whether you are at home, at the customer, at the airport, or anywhere in the world, remote work has never been easier.

  • Anonymous Sharing Use Case

Feel the greatest freedom with the ability to share snapshots of your design anonymously with anyone in the world using simple links. What they need is access to the browser, no need to register.

  • Embedded Viewer Use Case

Want to show your design on your blog? Integrate your design on your site with just a few lines of code, providing your users with unparalleled and interactive design experience.

  • Unified Interface

Altium Designer 20.1.7 Build 139 License Key was designed from the ground up as a unique and robust electronic application development environment that contains all the advanced design tools you need to complete your design project.

  • Global Editing

Altium Designer 20.1.7 Build 139 Keygen provides you with flexible and powerful global editing tools. Make changes to all or some components at once. A versatile selection tool allows you to quickly find, filter, and modify the components you need.

  • Simple and Intuitive

Altium Designer 20.1.7 Build 139 Serial Key gives you the power to easily create multi-channel and hierarchical designs. Simplify the complex design into something visually pleasing and easy to follow.

  • Schematic Driven Design Rules

The design starts from a diagram, this is why Altium Designer allows you to define high-tech interfaces and their constraints from the diagram editor.

  • Hierarchical and Multichannel Design

Simplify any complicated or multi-channel design into logical elements that can be managed with the Altium Design hierarchical design tool.

  • Interactive Routing

Design the highest quality PCB configuration in no time with Altium Designer advanced routing engine which includes several powerful routing options such as walk, push, hug and push, ignore obstacles, push and push and pairing differential.

  • Stackup Planning

The layer stack manager has been completely updated and reworked, including impedance calculations, material libraries, etc.

  • 3D visualization

Clearly visualize and interact with your original 3D design with the advanced 3D engine from Altium Designer

  • Variants Support

Manage a number of your design variants without having to create a separate project or design version.

  • Real-time BOM Management

ActiveBOM gives you automation by providing parts information such as availability and prices from selected suppliers, so there is never a surprise.

  • Powerful Part Search

Directly place and migrate electronic components that meet design, availability, and cost requirements through the search for global parametric suppliers.

  • Multiboard Assembly

Eliminate challenges to ensure the shape and fit of multiple cards in the boxes.

  • Automated Project Release

Altium Designer 20.1.7 Build 139 Patch offers you a controlled and automated design publishing process which ensures that your documentation is easy to produce, complete, and well communicated.

  • Professional PCB Documentation with Draftsman

The improved features of Draftsman make it easier to manufacture and design your PCB assembly.

  • Reusable Outputs Configurations

Generate and publish your complete design in a simple, easily communicated package with batch output that can be reused in Altium Designer.

What’s new in Altium Designer 20.1.7 Build 139?

(Released on 01-05-2020)


  • Fixed issue that caused a crash when Ctrl+W was used twice.
  • Fixed issue that caused suppressed violations to not be reported if the ‘Report Suppressed Violations in Message Panel’ option was enabled in the Messages panel.
  • Fixed issue that caused schematic to crash after extended periods of time.
  • Added ability to add the Creepage Distance design rule to a Schematic document.
  • Fixed issue that caused Net Labels to become misaligned from the grid when dragging wires.
  • Fixed regression that caused font size to change during inline editing in the Text object.
  • Fixed issue that caused alignment of negation of pin names to display incorrectly for specific fonts.
  • Fixed regression that caused transparent geometric shapes to be printed as solid, rather than transparent shapes when exported to the PDF file format.
  • Fixed issue that caused the Designator/Comment properties to not automatically update the schematic library document after editing the properties in the Properties panel.
  • Updated the dynamic compiler to better handle project compilation and memory management when multiple projects are opened.
  • Fixed regression that caused transparency levels to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue that caused text and text frames to not center justify when there are tabs in the text.
  • Fixed an issue where the Compiler was incorrectly reporting duplicate net names during Validation.
  • Fixed an issue with the schematic Annotate dialog, where the right-click Order By Project Order command did not work.
  • Fixed issue where the Print Selection control in the Print Configuration resulted in a blank document.
  • Fixed regression that caused validation errors to occur when using repeat functions and differential pair buses on Schematic documents.
  • Fixed issue that caused harnesses with indirect net labeling to generate the wrong connectivity.
  • Fixed issue that caused IEEE symbols to render improperly.
  • Fixed an issue whereby a Device Sheet would remain in the project structure, even though the corresponding Device Sheet Symbol had been removed from the relevant schematic sheet.
  • Fixed issue that caused empty net classes when running an ECO with a ‘Parameter Set’ directive assigned to a port connected to a bus or harness.
  • Fixed issues that caused stabilization errors to occur in Schematic documents.
  • Fixed issue that caused the $SheetDesignator keyword format to not be recognized during Multi-Channel configuration, causing incorrect interpretation.
  • Fixed an issue where the $SheetNumber keyword was not being used in the designator numbering during board-level annotation.
  • Fixed issue that caused the dashed line for a Blanket to have square instead of rounded edges in the PDF output.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect text justification in templates.
  • Fixed issue that caused incorrect, duplicate nets error messages to appear when the name of a Sheet Entry was changed.
  • Fixed issue that caused unused managed schematic sheets to not be removed from the project after removing them.
  • Fixed regression that caused the software to not detect output port to output port violations that were specified in the Connection Matrix.
  • Fixed regression that caused the Smart PDF dialog to hang and consume large quantities of CPU power when only some, rather than all, Schematic files were chosen to be generated.
  • Fixed issue that caused selected objects to disappear when moving them using keyboard shortcut keys.
  • Fixed regression that caused Altium Designer to hang after the Ctrl+C or Ctrl+X keyboard shortcuts were used following the use of the ‘Add Template to Clipboard’ command in the Schematic Library editor.
  • Fixed an issue that caused project parameters to not carry over to sheet symbols correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the performance degradation when selecting objects in a schematic document.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the up/down hierarchy to not work when navigating between documents.
  • Fixed regression that caused the Bill of Materials (BOM) report generated during the Project Releaser process to display incorrect Physical Designators when Dynamic Compilation was enabled.
  • Fixed issue that caused an ‘index out of range’ error to occur when some components were placed in a Schematic document and updated into a PCB document.
  • Fixed regression where, when clicking on a placed hyperlink with an invalid URL from a schematic document, resulted in a software crash.
  • Fixed issue that prevented a modified/added net class or rule from being applied to more than one selected parameter set at a time.
  • Fixed custom font setting reset after library reloading.


  • Improved performance of routing in the presence of complex shapes.
  • Fixed regression that caused texture to be displayed on the surface adjacent to the board, rather than on the outer surface when some components were placed on the bottom layer.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash and alteration of the PCB document while generating ODB++ files in CAMtastic.
  • Fixed a regression in which the PcbDoc was altered when an OutJob file was generated.
  • Fixed bug with exported DWG files that caused holes in pads to export incorrectly if the pads were originally created with offset holes from the center.
  • Fixed an issue to automatically update the reference layers in the impedance tab of the Layer Stack Manager, after adding or moving metal layers in the layer stack.
  • Fixed an issue where pad holes were missing from the NC Drill File when the pads have a certain combination of settings.
  • Fixed issue that caused free pads to disappear from the Solder Mask layer when viewed from a 3DPDF file.
  • Added ability to calculate impedance profiles in the Layer Stack Manager when in multi-thread mode.
  • Fixed issue where running a Design Rule Check on the Minimum Gap to Return Path resulted in an error.
  • Fixed issue that caused incorrect comparison after running the Show Differences command.
  • Fixed an issue where interactive length tuning unions were given duplicate names, resulting in an error when the PCB file was being re-opened.
  • Standard (No BOM) components are now included in the pick & place file, to support fiducials.
  • Fixed issue that caused all True Type text to be deleted from mirrored embedded boards when in ODB++ format.
  • Fixed issue that caused the ODB++ outline/profile layer to revert to ‘Board Outline’ after ‘Mechanical Layer 17’ was selected as the desired layer.
  • Fixed issue that caused ODB++ outputs to not assign net information to free pads.
  • Fixed issue that caused the Polygon thermal relief graphic to not overlap the intended object, nor display the generated ODB++ output correctly.
  • Added options for selecting units of measurement in ODB++ Setup.
  • Added options for selecting the type of output files in ODB++ Setup.
  • Fixed regression that did not allow certain layers to be removed or added in the Layer Stack Manager.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a comment of a component that refers to a project parameter to be displayed as a literal string in the PCB.
  • Fixed an issue that caused keyboard arrows to not work when dragging selected tracks.
  • Fixed issue that would not allow a change in footprints for multiple components when the Properties panel is floating rather than docked.
  • Fixed issue that caused PCB Library footprints to sort in incorrect alpha-numeric order.
  • Fixed issue that caused the Gerber output for an OutJob file to truncate the penultimate period (.) within the generated file name if the file name contained multiple periods.
  • Fixed an issue that caused PDF to not show component parameters if Schematic Prints is not set as the first PDF to be generated.
  • Fixed regression that caused the cursor to not snap to the center of a pad when prompted.
  • Component parameter support has been added to the ODB++ component exporter.
  • Fixed regression that caused no error to be shown after running the Design Rules Checker (DRC) on pasted objects.
  • Fixed issue that caused Strings in a PCBLib file to jump to the absolute origin.
  • Fixed a regression that caused generated teardrops to behave incorrectly for certain objects.
  • Fixed issue that caused a crash when dragging trace segments in the PCB.
  • Fixed issue that caused incorrect xSignal delay values.
  • Fixed a regression that caused incorrect justification for PCB printouts when TrueType font was enabled.
  • Teardrops no longer impact on the delay calculations for the route signal length.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when managed project changes were committed but not pushed to a server for a time.
  • Fixed regression that caused Altium Designer to display an error message regarding there being ‘no top-level document to compare’ to after using the ‘Import Changes from Source Schematics’ command.
  • A .SameCoordinates file attribute has been added to the Gerber Output.
  • Fixed a Gerber bug where a non-circular aperture was selected for drawing an arc.
  • Fixed regression that caused selecting the connected copper option to not select polygons.


  • Fixed regression where merging cells in a table resulted in an error message.
  • Fixed issue that caused the Step Model to crash when changes were imported from within a Draftsman document.
  • Improved the display of hole tolerances in the Drill Table, which now displays: empty fields as blank (instead of None); and +ve and -ve zero values.
  • Fixed bug that caused Parameters to not be transferred properly when a file was created from a Draftsman template.
  • Improved grid snapping for all Draftsman objects.
  • Added dimensioning to the centers of arc segments and quadrants of circles.
  • Added support for variants for Board Realistic View.
  • The ‘All Variants’ option featured in Draftsman documents has been renamed to ‘No Variants’ to reflect the fact that the two options function the same and to provide consistency between Draftsman documents and the Projects panel.
  • Added ability to snap to the middle of the line.
  • Added ability to use Schematic Sheet templates within Draftsman documents.
  • Rectangular shape option has been added to the Board Detail View.
  • Added ability to alter the Symbol Size of selected symbols within the Drill Symbol Configurations dialog.
  • The same Drill Table symbols that are available in the PCB editor can now be used in the Draftsman editor to ensure consistency, courtesy of the new Sync symbols with PCB option. (BC:8197)
  • The SVG file format has been added to Draftsman documents.
  • The ability to snap dimensions to component references has been added to the Draftsman editor.
  • Added current grid units to the status bar.
  • Added multi-selection capability when dragging a vertex in the Draftsman editor.
  • Added relative values to Snap Distance for document options.
  • Added “New” command to insert or add a new sheet.
  • Added board size information to document parameters.
  • Fixed issue where the Realistic View was not demonstrated properly for rigid-flex designs.
  • Fixed issue where Assembly View did not adhere to the Document Variant Settings.
  • Server-side Schematic sheet templates are now available in Draftsman.
  • Fixed issue that caused the zoom function to not work as intended within Draftsman and Multi-board Schematic editors when a display scale of more than 100% was used on a 4K monitor.
  • Fixed issue that did not allow edits to cloned managed Draftsman templates.


  • Fixed issue that caused the autosave function to run multiple times on library files during the first backup after manually saving, depending on the number of projects that use the same library file.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Altium Designer to not minimize when the task icon was clicked from the taskbar.
  • The background color present in the 3D preview featured in the Components mode of the Properties panel has been changed to grey to contrast black-colored components.
  • Fixed an issue that caused high CPU usage after using the Components panel.
  • Fixed issue that caused users to be using several licenses at once when the ‘Sign in automatically’ option was checked when they should have only been utilizing one license at a time.
  • Configured and executed component data synchronization from flat table sources (dblib, CSV, ODBC) for Concord Pro and NEXUS.
  • Fixed issue that caused zoom and highlighting features to not work properly for some objects from within a generated PDF.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash after opening the Find Similar Objects dialog when a script is installed using the Scripting System – Global Projects page of the Preferences dialog.
  • Fixed issue that caused the entire text typed in the port name to be deleted during typing if the cursor was positioned at the beginning or end of the text.
  • Fixed an issue where performing the SVN function ‘Compare with Head’ would result in an incorrect project structure being displayed in the Projects panel.
  • Fixed issue that caused the Aperture Wizard dialog to be incorrectly resized.
  • The Share dialog has been added, allowing you to share your design projects with others, directly from within the software
  • Redesigned the user login and connections drop-downs.
  • Added ability to share a project on any server without additional validation dialogs when viewing and editing.
  • Fixed bug that caused the tab of the active panel to not show as active.
  • Added ability to invite team members from your workspace to edit selected projects.
  • Fixed an issue with opening a project from a cloud-based workspace through a proxy server.
  • The Storage Manager, Messages, and Output panels are now hidden by default.
  • Improved experience when starting Altium Designer for the first time after installation including automatic log-in to AltiumLive and choice of the appropriate license.
  • Updated the connection and authorization processes to reduce the software start-up time.

Data Management:

  • The cache folder on the Data Management – SVN Libraries page of the Preferences dialog is now included when saving preferences to file (*.DXPPrf).
  • Fixed issue that caused links within the Components mode of the Properties panel to not disappear after being deleted until the Properties panel was reopened.
  • Improved performance optimization for the Library Migrator.
  • A new option has been added to the Advanced Settings dialog – Explorer.ShowSystemFolders. With this option enabled, system folders will be visible for all connected servers when browsing server content through the Explorer panel.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the ‘Sign in’ dialog to open again after clicking Sign In then accessing servers/workspaces you can connect to from the user login drop-down.
  • Fixed an issue where the Single Component Editor did not support a 2-level revision naming scheme, giving a duplicate revision ID error after editing and re-releasing the component.
  • Improved Components panel caching behavior to only present cached components from the currently connected server(s).
  • Fixed an issue that caused the location and visibility of parameters to not update when the ‘Preserve parameter locations/visibility’ options were disabled in the Update from Library dialog.
  • Fixed an issue whereby signing in to https servers would not allow certain plugins to work in the software if the certificate was self-signed.
  • Fixed performance degradation issue with the Item Manager.
  • Improved performance time when accessing the Create Project dialog.
  • Ability to activate the Altium 365 Workspace for a company from within Altium Designer.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when committing a project to version control
  • Fixed regression that caused print settings to be lost from the original template after the report was generated.
  • Fixed regression that caused an erroring reading ‘Unrecognized library type’ to appear after an exported .IntLib file was installed in the Components panel.
  • Fixed issue that caused the filter in the Components panel to not display all available values.


  • Fixed issue that caused Excel macros in *.XLSM or *.XLTM to be removed when exporting.

Layer Stack Manager:

  • Fixed issue that caused newly added material to not be updated in the Altium Material Library dialog when ‘Update’ was selected.


  • The KiCAD Importer has been added to Altium Designer.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause an Access Violation while importing a specific CADSTAR PCB file.
  • Fixed an issue that caused CADSTAR schematics to import incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with the P-CAD importer that would cause a List Index Out of Bounds while importing a specific PCB file.
  • Fixed issue that caused objects to be displayed incorrectly when importing CADStar projects.
  • Fixed issue that caused backslashes to incorrectly appear before the first character when importing a CADStar project that contained negation over net names.
  • Fixed an issue that caused vias and pads to not import when importing P-CAD designs.
  • Fixed issue that caused DxDesigner to import components incorrectly.
  • Added ability to select specified layers when exporting to AutoCAD.


  • A .FilePolarity attribute has been added to the Gerber Output.

Altium Designer 20.1.7 Build 139 Patch {2020} Free Download

Altium Designer 20.1.7 Build 139 Keygen {2020} Free Download

Altium Designer 20.1.7 Build 139 Crack & License Key {2020} Free Download

How to install & activate?
  • Disconnect from the internet (Recommended).
  • Extract and install Altium Designer 20.1.7 Build 139 by using the ISO file.
  • After the installation, don’t run the program or exit if running.
  • Copy the crack file to the installation directory.
  • Now run the program and use the provided license file to activate the program.
  • It’s done, Enjoy Altium Designer 20.1.7 Build 139 Full Version.

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