Astrology House Janus 6.1.5 Crack & Serial Key Full Download

Astrology House Janus 6.1.5 Patch & License Key {Latest} Free Download

Astrology House Janus Crack & Serial Key Full Download

Astrology House Janus 6.1.5 Crack has all the standard calculation features expected from top-notch astrology software, including natal and transit reports, Astro charts, Arabic parts, fixed stars, progressed and return charts. It also has specialized modules on traditional Western medieval, Hellenistic, horary, and electoral astrology; Vedic, cosmobiology, and Uranian astrology.

It combines ease of use and technical Although Astrology House Janus 6.1.5 Serial Key was designed to meet the computing needs of professional astrologers, beginners will also find a lot of interesting things in it. Accuracy with the most extensive list of features found in any astrology program. And no matter your level of astrological or computer skills, Janus will be easy to use.

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Astrology House Janus 6.1.5 Key Features:


  • Planets and Angles – 2 seconds of arc.
  • Intermediate house cusps – 1 minute of arc for nearly centuries.


  • Includes Almutens of Houses, Dispositors, Professional Significators, and Male Part of Marriage.


  • ASC, MC, Vertex, East point, Co-ASC, Polar ASC.


  • Dynamic Quad Wheel, Dynamic Quad Dial, Cosmogram & Skymap.
  • These modules are useful for accurately determining when a planet will make contact with a chart factor, or in the case of the Skymap, cross constellation boundaries. The Dynamic Quad Dial and Cosmogram can also animate midpoints. Choose between manual and automatic operational modes. Rotate chart factors forwards or backwards in time at rates ranging from seconds to centuries. Individual planets can be tracked by engaging a special locking function.


  • DeLuce
  • Fagan-Allen
  • Krishnamurti
  • Lahiri
  • Larry Ely
  • Raman
  • Pond
  • Sri Yutkeswar
  • Sundra Rajan
  • Usha-Shashi Sidereal Zodiac
  • User-defined


  • (3D true body)
  • Applying and separating with editable orbs.
  • Aspect lines in the center of the wheel.
  • Aspects (conjunctions) to Fixed Stars.
  • User-defined Aspects and Aspect Sets.
  • Entering, exact, and leaving hits.


  • Ceres
  • Vesta
  • Pallas
  • Juno

Astro Locality Maps:

  • Includes Pop-up Interpretations.
  • Ability to determine the distance between two geographical points on AstroMaps by dragging the mouse on the map.
  • Parans List


  • Built-in comprehensive and accurate Janus Atlas, with up-to-date time change files for over 250,000 places.
  • Users can add/remove towns and cities easily.
  • Fully editable Atlas Database.
  • Ability to link to stand-alone ACS PC Atlas.

Auto Clock:

  • Electional Charts (including real-time)
  • Horary Charts (including real-time)


  • Charts
  • Tables

Birth Data Classifications:

  • Accuracy codes
  • Rodden Rating sources

Calculate Sums (Hamburg School):

  • A + B, A – B, A / B, A + B – C,
  • (A / B) / (C / D), (A + B) / (C / D)

Calculation Range:

  • Planets Range 5401 BC — 5400 AD
  • Chiron Range 650 AD — 4650 AD
  • Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta Range 5401 BC — 5400 AD
  • All other asteroids Range from 1500 AD — 2100 AD

Chart File Manager:

  • Create New Files of charts.
  • Move, copy, save, and delete charts with ease.
  • View saved chart
  • Deleted files sent to Windows Recycle Bin – double safe system.
  • Fully editable Chart Names
  • Fully editable User Name facility.
  • Rapid Find Chart facility.
  • Get Chart from disk facility.
  • Import/Export charts from other astrology software programs.
  • Import/Export charts using text format.
  • Search Name Fields
  • Search Date Fields
  • Search Chart Type field
  • Chart Database (database of famous and interesting charts supplied)
  • Ability to expand and edit.
  • Access for Lois Rodden’s AstroDatabank.


  • Full boundaries of constellations.
  • Ability to track planets through constellations.

Coordinate Systems:

  • Geocentric
  • Topocentric
  • Heliocentric

Coordinate System Charts:

  • Ecliptic Longitude
  • Equatorial Right Ascension Degrees
  • Equatorial Right Ascension Sidereal Time
  • Equatorial Hour Angle Degrees
  • Equatorial Hour Angle Sidereal Time
  • Horizon Astronomical Azimuth
  • Horizon Astrological Azimuth
  • Horizon Astrological Azimuth Map Overlay
  • Prime Vertical Longitude
  • Rationalized Semi-arc
  • Galactic Longitude
  • Invariable Plane
  • Coordinates Table

Copy Facilities:

  • All lists can be copied to a clipboard.
  • Wheels/graphs/maps can be copied to the clipboard.
  • Wheels/graphs/maps can be copied to disk files.

Cosmobiology Dials:

  • User-defined single Midpoints
  • Use the saved chart as an Event Chart.
  • Drag Transits in Cosmogram to calculate new event date.
  • Ebertin style Cosmogram.

Desktop Publishing Capabilities:

  • Copy wheels, square charts, maps, graphs, and pages to a clipboard, or save them as Windows Metafiles for pasting into word- processors and publishing programs.
  • Ability to copy full pages or wheels by themselves.
  • Copy in color or black & white.
  • Dynamic Hits:
  • Planets
  • Midpoints
  • Lunar phases
  • Solar and Lunar eclipses
  • Ingresses
  • Stations
  • Selectable time span
  • Selectable planets and midpoints
  • Selectable aspects

Eclipse Charts:

  • Ability to enter Eclipse Path details and cast Eclipse Charts.
  • The database can hold a maximum of 3200 Solar eclipse dates and a maximum of 3200 Lunar eclipse dates.

Editable Colours:

  • Planets, signs, aspects, and wheels.
  • Editable Fixed Star Database:
  • Including Interpretations.

Editable planet selection for:

  • Wheels, charts, and dials
  • Planets in the Radix list
  • Aspects in Radix List
  • Midpoints in Radix List
  • Transits in a dynamic list
  • Progressions in a dynamic list
  • Directions in a dynamic list
  • Radix in a dynamic list
  • Transits in dynamic graph
  • Progressions in dynamic graph
  • Directions in dynamic graph
  • Radix in dynamic graph
  • Primary directions
  • Synastry chart
  • Interpret chart
  • Astro Locality Map
  • Local Horizon map
  • Sky Map

Electional Chart Module:

  • With a unique Dignity Scoring Graph.
  • Aspects lines on the chart for easy reference.
  • Auto Clock/Animation facility.
  • Classical/Traditional Astrology features.
  • Find Chart Facility:
  • Search by Name fields
  • Search by Date fields
  • Search by Chart type


  • 120 years length with nodal variation for Nocturnal Births.

Fixed Stars:

  • Comprehensive Database
  • Interpretations
  • Fixed Star positions on the chart.

Graphic Ephemeris:

  • Longitude Graph
  • Declination Graph
  • Uranian Graph
  • Dynamic planets and midpoints (including progressed & directed).
  • Radix planets and midpoints.
  • Plot Lunar Phases, New and Full moons, and eclipses.

Horary Charts:

  • Antiscia
  • Arabic Parts
  • Aspects lines on the chart for easy reference
  • Auto Clock/Animation facility
  • Essential Dignities
  • Fixed Stars
  • Moieties
  • Considerations before judgment
  • Oriental/Occidental
  • Planetary Hours
  • Planet speed
  • Traditional Astrology options/user-defined parameters.
  • Turn chart – placing the cusp of the house being examined on ASC.

House Systems:

  • A-houses (Equivalent to Equal ASC on 1st)
  • Alchabitius declination
  • Alchabitius semi-arc
  • Axial rotation
  • Birthplace
  • Campanus
  • Classical (dates from 1st century AD)
  • Earth (equivalent to Equal ASC on 1st)
  • Equal 0° Libra on 1st (used when you don’t want a house system)
  • Equal ASC on 1st
  • Equal Moon on the 10th
  • Equal Moon’s Node on 1st
  • Equal MC on 10th
  • Equal Sun on 1st
  • Equal Sun on 4th
  • Horizontal
  • In signs (Used in any latitude)
  • Koch
  • M-houses (Equal MC on 10th)
  • Meridian
  • Moon
  • Morinus
  • Natural Chart
  • Natural Graduation
  • Natural Hours
  • Nodal
  • Placidus
  • Porphyry
  • Radiant
  • Regiomontanus
  • Sign as house
  • Solar (Solar Chart)
  • Sun (equivalent to Equal Sun on 4th – Equal House System)
  • Topocentric
  • Whole signs
  • Zariel
  • Zenith
  • Equal planet on a house cusp.
  • Equal 0° of a sign on 1st.


  • Charts from other astrology software programs.
  • Charts using Janus3 ASCII text data format.

Interpretation Texts:

  • View Natal Interpretation – and Astrolocality interpretations on Janus screen or in a word processor.
  • Customize and edit main interpretation files included with Janus, to suit your style.
  • Export the interpretations to a word processor for printing.
  • Natal interpretations are included for:
    • Planets in Signs
    • Planets in Houses
    • Signs on House Cusps
    • House Rulers in Houses
    • Planetary Aspects
    • Qualities & Elements
  • Dynamic interpretations are included for:
    • Inner and outer transiting planets to radix planets and points.
    • Inner and outer transiting planets through the Houses.
    • Astro Locality Maps with Pop-up interpretations for:
    • Planets on Angles
    • Planetary crossings
  • Three Natal Chart Layouts:
    • Including the ability to select Modern, Traditional & Almuten/Almutem Rulerships for House.
  • Blank interpretation files have been created for you to compose your texts for:
    • Synastry Chart Interpretations – user-created.
    • Midpoints Interpretations – user-created.
    • Sabian Symbols Interpretations – user-created.
    • Transit Interpretations – The user can edit.
    • Fixed Stars Interpretations -user can edit.
    • Paran Interpretations – user can edit.
    • Users can print interpretation reports in color or black & white, and choose between displaying glyphs or text for planets and signs in reports.
    • Compose and Enter Interpretations.
    • Set and Save Interpretation Preferences.
    • Export Interpretation texts.
    • Ability to color-code printed text.

Main Screen:

  • Ability to Return to Last Used Setting – most data entry screens will remember settings last used during a Janus session.

Medieval Astrology Module:

  • Square chart with full customizing options.
  • Comprehensive list of Arabic Parts.
  • Profections
  • Dignity calculations and full parameter settings.
  • Comprehensive results table with pointing system.


  • Applying and separating
  • 3D true body
  • Midpoint trees (h1 to h360)
  • Dynamic Hits Option
  • Midpoint trees in Dials show the tightest midpoints.
  • Dial midpoints within the orb are displayed in the list box in the center of the dial.
  • User-defined single midpoint on the Cosmogram and Dynamic Quad Dial.
  • Graphic Ephemeris Display.
  • Option of including zodiac position of midpoints when printing list.
  • Transiting midpoints.

Planets and Points:

  • Standard: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Moon’s Node.
  • Angles: ASC, MC, East Point, Vertex, Co-ASC, Polar ASC
  • Uranian Planets – Chiron, Vulcan, Transpluto
  • Asteroids: Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, Juno
  • Vernal Point
  • Bary Centre
  • Galactic Centre
  • Part of Fortune
  • Plot Lunar Phases Graphic Ephemeris:
  • New and full Moons
  • Eclipses

Prime Vertical:

  • Charts
  • Vertical tables


  • All charts, lists, tables, etc printable.
  • Black and white or color.
  • Choice of vertical or horizontal printing.
  • Select the default printer font.
  • Select printout graphic line thickness.

Progressed Angles:

  • True solar arc on longitude
  • True solar arc in Right Ascension (RA)
  • Mean solar arc in longitude (naibod)
  • Mean solar arc in Right Ascension (RA) (naibod)
  • 1 degree per year of life
  • Mean quotidian Q2
  • Apparent quotidian Q2
  • Neo quotidian Q1
  • Progressed MC of day in longitude
  • Progressed Charts
  • Progression Rates
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary
  • Minor
  • Customise rates
  • Q1 or Q2 Quotidian

Return Charts:

  • Planet
  • Midpoint
  • Phase angle
  • Kinetic solar
  • Kinetic lunar
  • Synodic (solar & lunar)
  • Metonic (solar & lunar)
  • Anlunar (lunar)

Single Wheel Aspect Patterns:

  • Symbols ON/OFF feature.
  • Aspects to the ASC & MC ON/OFF feature.

Sky Map:

  • Advanced capabilities not found in any other astrological software.
  • Auto and Manual Animation
  • Constellation Boundaries
  • Track a moving planet through the constellations.
  • Star information & interpretations of Fixed Stars.
  • Display: Ecliptic, Celestial Equator, Horizon & Prime Vertical; Tropical or Sidereal Zodiac; Stars; Sunlight, Moonlight, Zodiac Signs, Co-ordinate Grid.
  • Search for Planets, Stars, or Constellations.
  • Set user-defined colors.
  • Zoom in and rotate the map.
  • Change the date within the module.
  • Get a new chart from within the module.

Solar Eclipse Maps:

  • Date range 1900 – 2100
  • Sort Charts:
  • By name, type, date, and coordinate system.


  • Charts
  • Aspect grid
  • Aspect listing
  • Midpoint listing
  • Wheel
  • User create interpretations

Traditional Astrology Module:

  • Square chart with customizing options.
  • Comprehensive list of Arabic Parts.
  • Profections
  • Dignities calculation and full parameters setting.
  • Comprehensive results table with pointing system.

Transit Report Writer:

  • Sophisticated report writer.
  • Includes many options for the report.
  • Users can print interpretation reports in color or black & white and choose between displaying glyphs or text for planets and signs in reports.
  • Compose and Enter Interpretations.
  • Set and Save Interpretation Preferences.
  • Export Interpretation texts.
  • Ability to color-code printed text.

Uranian Dials:

  • (Extensive range of 22 dials): 360°, 180°, 120°, 90°, 72°, 60°, 51° 26′, 45°, 40°, 36°, 30°, 22.5°, 15°, 11°.15′, 7°30′, 5°37′ 30″, 3°45′, 2°48′ 45″, 1°52′ 30″, 1°24′ 22.5″, 0°56′ 15″ and 0°42′ 11.25″

Uranian Module:

  • Advanced techniques
  • Ability to scale and print a dial to your specifications.
  • 22 dials ranging from H1 (360°) to H512 (0° 42′ 11.25″), including 15°, 30° & 60° – see Uranian Dials above.
  • Capability to add midpoints, LM, LA & Sun Formulas to dials and Uranian-style Graphic Ephemeris.
  • Uranian-style Graphic Ephemeris includes the ability to add Quarter & Eighth Moon Phases, Progressed, Directed, and Transiting planets & midpoints to the graph.
  • Calculate Sums: A + B, A – B, A / B, A + B – C, (A / B) / (C / D), (A + B) / (C / D)
  • Ability to drag dial pointer around dials with the mouse.
  • Ability to drag transits in Cosmogram to calculate new event dates.
  • Event range in Cosmogram +/- 3000 years.

Uranian style Graphic Ephemeris:

  • Has the ability to add quarter & eighth Moon Phases, and Progressed, Directed, and Transiting Planets & Midpoints to graph.
  • Uranian planets
  • User-defined wheel, aspect pattern orb percentage in a sliding scale.

What’s new in Astrology House Janus 6.1?


  • Luminaries module.
  • Cast Solar Return In Mundo Chart has been added to the main screen Predictive menu.
  • Back Up Charts reminder.
  • Page Designer and Page Gallery modules now display selected Stars and Arabic Parts in wheels.
  • Primary Directions module. Directing by Egyptian Terms and Directing to House Cusps has been added to the Extra Points tab in General Settings.
  • Planet positions in wheels can now display a S when the planet is near its station as defined in General Settings.
  • One week period has been added to the Calendar module.
  • In the Vedic module, if the current Dasa Lord is Rahu or Ketu, its house placement is now added to the current cycles section of the dasa report.


  • A Remember Location check box has been added to the Location tab in the following modules:
  • Cast Lunar Phase Chart, Cast Ingress Chart, Cast Eclipse Chart, Cast Planet Rise/Set Chart, Cast Planet on Angle Chart, Cast Relocated Chart, Graphic Ephemeris, Declination Graph,
  • Uranian Graph, Electional Search, Shadow Periods, Constellation Planting Guide, Quick Transit Report, Calculate Transits, Calculate Single Transits, and Cast Age Harmonic Chart.
  • In the Cast an Eclipse chart module, you can now calculate a list of Solar and Lunar eclipses.
  • In the Cast a Lunar Phase chart module, New Moon’s are annotated with SE if it is a Solar Eclipse, and Full Moon’s are annotated with LE if it is a Lunar Eclipse.
  • Primary Directions module. The Bianchini Latitude method can now be displayed in addition to the other latitude options. The Bianchini setting is now saved.
  • Extracting the Day, Month, and Year information from the Date text box for data entry is now more robust.
  • The Date and Time settings are now saved in the following modules:
    Cast Progressed chart, Cast Directed Chart, Cast Return Chart, Cast Progressed Solar Return Chart, Cast Progressed Lunar Phase Chart, Cast Age Harmonic Chart, Cast Wynn-Key Return Chart, Cast Diurnal Chart, Daily Timing, Planetary Cycles, Ephemeris Grid, Ephemeris Text, Graphic Ephemeris, Declination Graph, Uranian Graph, Electional Search, Calendar, Quick Transit Report, Cast Lunar Phase Chart, Cast Ingress Chart, Cast Visual Planet Rise/Set Chart, Cast Planet of Angle Chart, and the Cast Jupiter-Saturn Mean Conjunction Chart.
  • In the main screen control panel list of charts, and in the Get Chart module list of charts, you can now click the Name column header and the Date column header to sort the charts into order.
  • Foreshadowing and Completion has been added to Zodiacal Releasing.
  • The Tab order has been fixed in each module.
  • Solar Arc directions now calculate faster in the Calculate Transits module.
  • Electional Chart module. Continuous animation now runs faster.
  • Show/Hide house numbers, house cusps, set planet spacing, horizontal position of planet positions is now saved in the western square chart wheel design file.
  • Show/Hide house numbers, house cusps, set planet spacing is now saved in the Greek square chart wheel design file.
  • Auto time zone lookup option has been added to the following modules. Electional Chart, Horary Chart, Traditional Chart, Uranian Chart (Event), Single, Bi, Tri, and Quad Wheel animation, Animate Dual BiWheels, ACS Wheel (Transits), Octoscope, Gauquelin Sectors, Arabic Lunar Mansions, Fixed Stars, Speculum, Sky Map, Calc Planetary Cycles, Calc Dynamis Age Harmonics.
  • Search for date of birth has been added to the Search for Chart module.
  • Harmonic = Age + 1 option has been added to the Cast an Age Harmonic Chart module.
  • Cast an Harmonic Chart module. Harmonic range now any number between -1000 and 1000.
  • Results are now automatically re-calculated when get another chart in the Calendar, Dynamic Age Harmonics, Ephemeris Grid, Ephemeris Text, and the Shadow Periods modules.
  • Planet stations are now displayed in Wheel Designer modules.

Astrology House Janus License Key & Patch Free Download

Astrology House Janus Keygen & Activator Final Download

How to install & crack?
  • Astrology House Janus 6.1.5 downloaded package contains the setup for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems (Choose according to your OS).
  • Disconnect from the internet and also pause your Antivirus momentarily as the medicine file will be detected as a threat to your Windows (But it is safe and tested by TOPKEYGEN).
  • Now extract the package by using WinZip or WinRAR and install Astrology House Janus 6.1.5 by using setup.
  • After the installation is done, launch the program and use the keygen to register the program.
  • It’s done, Enjoy Astrology House Janus 6.1.5 Full Version.

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