Disk Drill Pro 4.0.513.0 Crack + License Key {2020} Free Download

Disk Drill Pro 4.0.513.0 Patch & Serial Key {2020} Latest Free Download

Disk Drill Pro Crack + License Key {Updated} Full Free Download

Disk Drill Pro 4.0.513.0 Crack is the best data recovery software. From high-level businesses to relaxing at home, modern life revolves around data. We all know that sentiment leaks from missing files. Fortunately, Disk Drill Pro Full Version is here to help you with advanced file recovery software on all connected devices and files. Download Disk Drill, click “Restore” and watch your day improve. Disk Drill Pro Full Version is fully compatible with Windows 7, 8 or 10 (including XP and Vista).

Disk Drill Pro 4.0.513.0 License Key is powered by several data recovery algorithms that read NTFS, FAT32, EXT, HFS + and many other file systems. Recover your lost data from system drives and external devices, including all types of memory cards and USB drives. If you can connect it to your computer, Disk Drill can recover your lost data.

Disk Drill Pro 4.0.513.0 Key Features:

  • Complete Data Recovery

There are many ways to lose your data. Power outages, boot drive failures, partition damage, accidentally emptied recycle bin, virus attacks … it’s just the most common. Losing data can be a frustrating, boring, or really scary experience. For fast and reliable file recovery software, download Disk Drill for Windows to recover your lost data no matter what.

Once installed, Disk Drill Pro 4.0.513.0 Patch searches for lost data and searches for files that can be recovered from any accessible medium. Hard drives, internal and external, memory cards, USB drives, music players – Disk Drill can read everything. Disk Drill Pro Full Version can finish recovering files from various file systems, including NTFS, FAT32, EXT, HFS +. All of your lost documents, including music, images, videos, documents, special file formats and much more, can be recovered quickly and easily.

  • Multiple Scan Options

Was your data lost just a few minutes ago? On Windows, your chances of recovering files for free are much higher if you act immediately, and Disk Drill is the perfect way to recover that lost bit. Even if Disk Drill is not installed when a file is deleted, Disk Drill Pro 4.0.513.0 Keygen knows where to look and can return it to you in the blink of an eye. Files that have been accidentally deleted are easy targets for the quick scan feature of the Disk Drill Pro. Usually, when a file is deleted, the contents of the file are still on the drive and only the file names are marked as deleted. A quick scan only takes a second to find a list of recently deleted items. You then choose the one you want to recover and Disk Drill restores as if it never disappears!

If your loss is a little less recent, the Disk Drill file recovery software can also dig deeper. Deep Scan performs a thorough search of all of your drives to find and reconstruct missing files. The Deep Scan Disk Drill function recognizes more than 350 file types. This list continues to grow and we are happy to accept customer requests for a new format!

  • Save Scan & Resume Recovery

Recovering data from a large hard drive or memory card can take a long time. In an ideal world, we can sit back and wait, but that doesn’t always happen, which is why Disk Drill offers powerful session management features. The scan can be interrupted, stopped or continued at any time. This means you don’t have to wait for the full scan to finish if you find the file you are looking for, just stop scanning and recover. If you have to suspend the analysis to stay away or shut down your computer, no problem! Go back and continue scanning at any time exactly where you left off in the previous session.

Flexible analysis means that Disk Drill Pro 4.0.513.0 Serial Key understands your data recovery needs! However, keep in mind, we recommend that you stop using storage devices with lost data immediately after accidental deletion. So, while you can manage recovery at your own pace, the recommended settings are: stop using the drive, recover or create a disk image that can be recovered as soon as possible.

  • Premium Data Protection

Before your data is even lost, download Disk Drill to start protecting your files now. With Recovery Vault enabled, our software provides an additional level of protection for all your sensitive and important locations. Simply put, Recovery Vault stores detailed information about each file you delete, just think of it as extended trash on your system without the need for additional disk space. That way, if you change your mind, just click to restore it.

The detailed Recovery Vault database for each file and folder you delete is key. Disk Drill Pro 4.0.513.0 Crack still works and fixes the main weaknesses of the operating system: even when you press Delete, all the original metadata files remain intact and there are only a few seconds left to recover the deleted directory or file.

  • Full Partition Recovery

Recovery is more than just files with the Disk Drill full partition recovery feature. Also included with Disk Drill are some powerful partition healing algorithms. Combining these tools into a single data recovery suite (Disk Drill) means you have the best chance of recovering not only your files but all of your storage media. Disk Drill is very useful after formatting the wrong partitions, by scanning the entire drive (not just a new partition), Disk Drill Pro 4.0.513.0 Full Version is possible to recover the original partition and many or all of the associated files.

What’s new in Disk Drill Pro 4.0.513.0?


  • Deep Scan new AU (Audacity audio files) and PCX (bitmap images) file signatures.
  • UI language finally you can change Disk Drill’s UI language from the main app’s menu.


  • Deep Scan detecting even more MOV video formats (codec Apple ProRes 4444 XQ and the like).
  • FAT32 recovery faster scans, higher recovery rates, lower RAM consumption.
  • Improved scanning speed, labeling, and recovery of various raw photo formats (DNG – digital negative images, NEF – Nikon electronic format RAW images among them)
  • Improved ExFAT and NTFS scanning and recovery.
  • Recovery Vault better support of ExFAT removable flash drives.
  • Improved appending and resuming byte-to-byte backups.
  • Improved indication of the active scanning method.
  • Improved CR3 (Canon raw images) recovery.
  • Improved progress indication when searching for lost partitions.
  • Improved opening scanning sessions from previous versions of Disk Drill.
  • Improved warnings and other service messages no longer appear behind Disk Drill’s app window.
  • Improved proper restoration of the scanned device’s read-write mode when canceling scanning or backup creation.
  • Improved lost partitions file structuring and navigation.
  • Improved lost partition search stability.
  • Improved Recycle Bin can now be protected with Recovery Vault.
  • Improved scan results filters.
  • Improved the unmounting of the scan results.
  • Improved new file icon for DMG backups created with Disk Drill.
  • FAT32 recovery faster FAT table detection after scans.
  • Improved UI locales.


  • Fixed Disk Drill’s tray icon could be visible even after exiting the app.
  • Fixed recovery cap removed from Recovery Vault.
  • Fixed crash when opening saved scanning sessions from the Recent list.
  • Fixed random Recovery Vault crashes.
  • Fixed random crashes on Disk Drill startup.
  • Fixed crash if the scanned device disconnects during lost partition search.
  • Fixed navigation, Recovery and Info panels could be hidden when canceling backup creation.
  • Fixed rare crashes when using date filters or resizing the app window in found items.
  • Fixed random crashes when starting a universal/smart scan or reading a storage device.
  • Fixed crash when refreshing the disk list during an active universal/smart scan.
  • Fixed multiple crashes when scanning and recovering from FAT32 partitions.
  • Fixed random freezing during Deep Scan locating virtual partitions.
  • Fixed some crashes while recovering JPG images.
  • Fixed rare crash while validating destination to save session files.
  • Fixed crash when saving a session file into destinations with low free disk space.
  • Fixed random crashes in Deep Scan when detecting MOBI eBook file format.
  • A fixed hex view could crash on zero-size files.

Disk Drill Pro 4.0.513.0 Patch {2020} Free Download

Disk Drill Pro 4.0.513.0 Serial Key {2020} Free Download

Disk Drill Pro 4.0.513.0 Crack + License Key {2020} Free Download

How to install & activate?
  • Disconnect from the internet (Recommended).
  • Extract and install Disk Drill Pro 4.0.513.0 by using setup.
  • After the installation, don’t run the program or exit if running.
  • Copy the cracked files to the installation directory and replace them.
  • Always block the program through your firewall.
  • It’s done, Enjoy Disk Drill Pro 4.0.513.0 Full Version.

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