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PDF-XChange Pro Crack & Serial Key {Updated} Free Download

PDF-XChange PRO Crack is the best PDF solution. It is a package grouping together the three best-selling applications produced by the Tracker software:

  • PDF-XChange Editor Plus is a very dynamic and fully customizable PDF application. Create, view, edit, take notes, OCR, and sign PDF files – and that’s just the start. If you are working with PDFs, this fully customizable product will optimize your work processes to a level that other products cannot achieve. Create PDF files from scanned documents, images, text files, Markdown files, and more. Open, edit, and convert Microsoft Office documents. More than thirty tools are available to help you make comments, annotations, links, and forms to fill out. These tools make PDF editing a precise and optimized process that produces the highest quality documentation and image files. Our user-friendly functions are diverse enough to meet the needs of all practitioners, from beginners to professionals.
  • PDF-Tools is a world leader in the creation and manipulation of PDF files and images. Very user-friendly, and can be used to convert files from almost any format to/from PDF. Seventy default tools are available and the functionality to clone and edit these tools and their variables as desired. Use the action library to fully customize your tools and the tool action sequence to determine the order in which they perform operations. Combine seventy-seven available actions to create your tool – out of billions of possibilities. PDF-Tools is compatible with large PDF files and can also handle a large number of files simultaneously – batch conversion is its strength.
  • PDF-XChange Standard Printer is the best-selling virtual printer tracking software – the primary application for creating and printing industry-standard PDF virtual files. It is compatible with files from almost all Windows applications, such as Word, Excel, and AutoCAD, and has engine functionality optimized for converting images and text characters based on exceptional images. The files it creates are very small, given their quality – allowing for faster uploads/downloads reduced storage space, and increased data retention – even at high compression levels. PDF-XChange Standard also has MS Office integration features, which provide additional features such as adding clickable content and support for embedded URLs that make it easier to create external links.

What do you get when you combine all three application functions and potentials into one package? The answer is simple: invincible power at an invincible price. See below for more information on the features and functions of each product.

PDF-XChange PRO Key Features:

  • PDF-XChange Editor Plus
  • PDF-Tools
  • PDF-XChange Standard
  • Enhanced OCR Plugin
  • Edit Documents
  • Edit Base Content
  • Utilize Editing Panes
  • Add Comments and Annotations to Documents
  • Summarize/Flatten/Export Comments
  • Create Dynamic Stamps
  • Manipulate Documents
  • OCR Documents
  • Find/Search Document Text
  • Convert Files to/from PDF
  • Secure Documents
  • Customize Security Options
  • Create Fillable Forms
  • Digitally Sign Documents
  • Add Images to Documents
  • Customize Your Experience
  • Create Your Toolbars
  • Find Your Language
  • Multiple UI Options
  • Utilize Seventy Default Tools
  • Create Customized Tools
  • Find Your Language
  • Create PDF Documents
  • Edit Document Pages
  • Edit Comments and Annotations
  • Protect PDF Documents
  • Enhance PDF Documents
  • Export PDF Documents to Different Formats
  • Combine Documents into a Single PDF
  • Scan to PDF
  • Timestamp Documents
  • Digitally Sign Documents
  • Optimize Documents
  • Utilize Folder Monitors
  • View Tool Reports
  • Export/Import Tools
  • Change Document Properties
  • Create PDF Documents from Images
  • Hybrid Conversion Engine
  • Use Dynamic Options to Enhance PDF Files
  • Update PDF Files
  • General Settings
  • Graphics Settings
  • Bookmarks Settings
  • Document Information Settings
  • Default File Append Settings
  • Create Customized Printing Profiles
  • MS Office Toolbar Add-in
  • Batch Convert MS Office Files
  • Rescale and/or Resize Pages
  • Convert and Archive Files
  • Booklet Mode
  • CJK Fonts Support
  • Create Interactive Adobe Acro forms
  • Use a Terminal Server
  • MRC (Mixed Raster Content) Support
  • Customize Your Experience
  • And Much, Much More!

What’s new in PDF-XChange PRO

(Released on 18-06-2024)

PDF-XChange Editor:


  • Added a ‘pxce’ URI scheme to provide the ability to open PDFs (and other supported formats) directly in PDF-XChange Editor, regardless of the system’s Filetype-to-application associations.
  • Added a ‘Wrap Long Titles’ option to the comments pane.
  • Added an option to force attachments to open in the same frame window regardless of any other settings for opening documents.
  • Added an option to toggle on/off auto-display of the touch keyboard (available in File > Preferences > General).
  • Added the ability to authenticate to Sharepoint sites using MSAL+WAM, new Sharepoint API support.

Bugfixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue with the submit form action that caused some problems with JavaScript-protected documents.
  • Fixed some security and stability issues. Click here for further information.
  • Fixed the issue with using ‘undo’ after “Convert to Named Destinations” is executed.
  • Fixed an issue with lists in the text editor.
  • Fixed an issue with alignment and offset when scaling content proportionally in the ‘Resize Pages’ feature.
  • Fixed an issue with renaming filtered bookmarks.
  • Fixed an issue with numeric values in image saving options.
  • Fixed an issue with using black fonts in the preview pane of the ‘Number Pages’ dialog box.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the unintentional selection of labels/radio buttons/check boxes in dialogs boxes.
  • Fixed an issue with searching stamps.
  • Fixed an issue with some fonts where italic text in pop-up notes was not italicized.
  • Fixed an issue with unwanted text italicization in dropdown lists of some dialogs boxes in certain language environments.
  • Fixed an issue with determining the key object to align to when the mouse is used to select multiple comments.
  • Fixed an issue with ordering comments grouped by date in the comments pane.
  • Fixed an issue with refreshing the Format tab of the Ribbon UI when a tool was changed.
  • Fixed an issue with the unintentional moving of text block selections when using a stylus.
  • Fixed an issue copying text from selected regions. Previously it was possible for the copied text to be divided into multiple small lines.
  • Fixed an issue with de-skewing images (in page content) that had been flipped.
  • Fixed issues with auto-display of touch keyboards when users touch edit boxes.
  • Fixed an issue where a prefix of ‘df-‘ was being added to new root bookmarks when dragging and dropping pdfs file into the thumbnails pane.
  • Fixed an issue of “hiding” the “Quick Launch” dropdown list when users tap the touch keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue with auto-show and the touch keyboard when clicking the up/down buttons of combo/spin controls.
  • Fixed issues handling Ctrl+F/Esc shortcuts in the ‘Find’ feature.
  • Fixed an issue with bold/italic simulation in comments for fonts that do not have bold/italic styles.
  • Fixed several issues relating to the appearance of floating toolbars in dark mode.
  • Fixed issues with the ‘Add Header & Footer’ dialog box related to using certain macros in non-English language environments.
  • Fixed bugs with renaming and sorting named destinations.
  • Fixed issues with OCR on very large images, which we can now be handled (Note that the handling is better on 64-bit systems). Also fixed an issue that was sometimes causing a freeze during OCR when source documents contained problematic images. OCR could not process these for various reasons. For example, on 32-bit systems, there might be not enough RAM due to high memory fragmentation.
  • Fixed some issues with using the color picker feature in the ‘More Colors’ dialog box on touch devices.
  • Fixed an issue with the scroll bar in comment popups that was sometimes overlapping with the popup content.
  • Fixed an issue with touch zoom in the preview window of the ‘Crop Pages’ dialog box.
  • Fixed an issue with adding submenus to the Ribbon File menu when using JavaScript.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Deskew Pages’ feature.
  • Restored some ‘Selection’ commands to the Classic UI.
  • Fixed an issue with switching from single page to two pages continuous layout.
  • Fixed the handling of control changing events in JavaScript dialog boxes.
  • Added more context to the bookmark search.
  • Added some improvements to toolbars when used with touch screen devices.
  • Improved the logic used for auto-display of the touch keyboard when commenting on pages, and editing tree/list/propList items.
  • Improved support of XFA documents.


Bugfixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue that led to crashes when applying an XMP metadata template to the ‘Change Document Properties’ action while the tool ran with the ‘Multi-threaded processing mode’ option enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes resulted in files being destroyed (saved with 0 bytes) when the tool opereation was cancelled.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Ignore Input Page Range’ option that caused some input documents to be excluded from further processing.
  • Fixed the issue with applying the %[RegExp] macro when processing multiple input documents.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Delete Empty Pages’ option of the ‘Delete Pages’ action that caused single-page documents to be excluded from further processing.
  • Fixed an issue with the case sensitivity of some macro names that led to the processing output of actions such as ‘Find by Regular Expression’ and ‘Run JavaScript’ being ignored.
  • Fixed an issue with the /Log:full command line option that caused warning messages to not be saved in the output log file.
  • Fixed an issue with applying macros in the ‘Send Mail’ action.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Filename’ option of save actions. This issue permitted the creation of folders with trailing spaces and periods in the name, which resulted in an inability to remove them and irregular output structures.

PDF-XChange Printer Standard:


  • Added conversion of reports to PDF/portfolio in the Outlook Add-in.

PDF-XChange Pro Full License Key & Patch {Tested} Free Download

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How to install & activate?
  • Disconnect from the internet (Recommended).
  • Extract and install PDF-XChange PRO by using setup.
  • After the installation, don’t run the program or exit if running.
  • Now go to the Crack folder and run the Patch only (Nothing else).
  • It’s done, Enjoy PDF-XChange PRO Full Version.

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