3DF Zephyr 7.529 Crack & Serial Key {2024} Full Download


3DF Zephyr Serial Key & Crack Full Download

3DF Zephyr 7.529 Crack is a photogrammetry software solution from 3Dflow designed to automatically reconstruct 3D models from photographs: a solution to any 3D reconstruction and scanning problem. It doesn’t matter what camera sensor, drone, or laser scanner you are going to use.

3DF Zephyr 7.529 Key Features:


  • Thermal Imager: Automatically processes any image (compressed and raw format) captured by any ground or airborne sensor.
  • Video: Automatically extract video frames (.avi, .mp4, .mov, .mpg, .wmv formats) using intelligent blur and similarity detection.
  • Capture images: Take photos with different lenses and cameras and process them together in one project.
  • Multi-GPU support: 3DF Zephyr 7.529 License Key uses multiple Nvidia graphics cards when available to speed up processing.
  • Positioning Data: Import the camera’s GPS/RTK/PPK coordinates and assign them a custom reference coordinate system.
  • Camera Optimization: Use comprehensive tuning to improve camera orientation phase accuracy.
  • Project editing: Add images to the current project or further orient previously deleted images.
  • Fixed installation support: Load known internal and external camera parameters to calibrate a fixed installation (e.g. 3D body scan).
  • Merge Projects: Separate large data sets and merge different projects using control points, nearby cameras, or a common reference frame.
  • Image Switching: Create a 3D mesh using standard RGB images and then swap the corresponding NIR/thermal images before texturing.
  • Edit Calibration: Import custom calibration settings (.txt or .xml formats) when working with known camera parameters.
  • Import menu: Import any point cloud, mesh with custom UVs, or drawing element (.dxf, .xml formats) from an external source (such as LiDAR).


  • 3DF Masquerade: Create masks for images that will be processed in 3DF Zephyr 7.529 Patch.
  • Multispectral Imaging: Perform radiometric image calibration, automatically detect multi-spectral layers, and generate index maps (R, G, B, NIR, RE, NDVI).
  • Spherical images. Work with any 360° image by splitting each panorama into 6 pinhole cameras.
  • Image Quality Index: Sort your shots by blur value before moving on to the camera orientation step.
  • Manual calibration: Create a calibration file by taking at least ten images of a random pattern on the screen.
  • Calibration Manager: Often on the road? Use this handy tool to store and retrieve camera calibrations from the 3Dflow server.
  • Preset Manager: Easily share and download 3DF Zephyr 7.529 Serial Key presets from the 3Dflow server.
  • Remote DSLR Shooting: Control multiple cameras for synchronized shooting.
  • MPO File Extraction: Extract Multi Picture Object files when using digital cameras with multiple stereoscopic lenses.
  • Image Conversion: Convert input images to jpeg, tiff, and png formats, define the color space of your images, or apply gamma correction to them.
  • BIM Manager: Sync dense point clouds, laser scans, and CAD drawings between 3DF Zephyr 7.529 Keygen and Autodesk Revit.
  • Batch Processing: Schedule and run 3D reconstruction steps simultaneously, and customize each step and its settings.
  • Demo Viewer: Explore your DTMs and DSMs directly in 3DF Zephyr Crack and customize your color map to export them in .png, .jpg, and .bmp formats.
  • Python scripts: Access customization options and automate certain workflows in 3DF Zephyr License Key.
  • Hardware support: Take advantage of the stereo monitor and 3D mouse support in 3DF Zephyr to enhance your photogrammetry capabilities.

Editing & Tools:

  • Bounding Box: Define the volume of the 3D model and filter out points and polygons of unnecessary areas to simplify the 3D reconstruction process.
  • Selection tools: Select from selected objects by plane, color, points, or triangles, and manually select or invert the current selection.
  • Filtering selected items. Apply anti-aliasing or retopology filters to a selected portion of the mesh.
  • Vertical Axis Definition: Set the Z axis by choosing one of three different methods (two vertical points, horizontal plane, two reference frame axes).
  • New Layer via Cut/Copy: Create a new object on the workspace by cutting or copying the current selection.
  • Confidence analysis: Find those areas of dense clouds that have more (red dots) or fewer images (blue dots). Then apply your selection
  • Mesh/Dense Cloud Filters: Decimation, Densification, Smoothing, Hole Filling (Selective and Waterproof), Mesh Retopology, Photo Consistency.
  • Mesh slicing: Slice meshes with a plane or bounding box.
  • Volume of Interest: Temporarily freeze mesh/dense cloud areas outside the bounding box to make editing the 3D model easier and faster.
  • Marker detection: Identify target crosshairs on an object and add control points from images automatically or manually.
  • Sphere Detection: Detect spheres in images and automatically place control points at their center (suitable for forensic applications).
  • Flat Texture Maps: Create and export flat texture maps by selecting a flat area of ​​a textured mesh.
  • Normal Maps: Bake normal maps in 3DF Zephyr 7.529 Activator, starting with a high poly mesh and ending with any textured mesh.
  • Coded Targets: Automatically detects coded targets in place and converts them into control points after the camera orientation step.

Laser Scanning:

  • Input data: Import both your lidar data (Faro, Riegl, Z+F, Stonex, dot product) and general ones (.ply, .pts, .ptx, .las, .e57, .xyz, .txt, .rcp, .laz). ) file formats.
  • 3df Scarlet: A laser scan registration tool comes with 3DF Zephyr 7.529 Full Crack. Available registration options are manual, ICP-based, and photogrammetry-based.
  • Data integration. Combine lidar and photogrammetry data to produce high-quality textured meshes.
  • Scan coloring. Use bubble images or workspace camera information to colorize laser scans.
  • Scan-To-Mesh: Create meshes and textured meshes from structured laser scans.
  • Editing and Analysis: Apply Zephyr’s selection tools and filters to laser scans and evaluate registration accuracy using the cloud comparison tool.
  • Scan to Orthophoto: Create an orthophoto from lidar data by defining either a plane (control points) or a reference axis.
  • Scan-To-Cad: Extract drawing elements from bubble representations and export them to .dxf, .dgn, .shp, and .txt formats.
  • Scan to Drawing: Extract CAD plans from laser scans using an automatic plane recognition algorithm.


  • Control Point Editing: Import, place and edit control points or set control distances to accurately scale and georeference your 3D model.
  • 2D Coordinates: Import control points at 2D positions before or after data processing to add more control points at once and save time.
  • Camera Constraints: Import camera position constraints from Exif data when creating a new project.
  • GPS/PPK/RTK data: Load camera GPS/PPK/RTK coordinates before processing or match them to already placed control points.
  • Constraint vs. Validation: 3DF Zephyr Serial Key forces scales of points marked as constraints, using control points as a guide to control accuracy.
  • Batch Adjustment: Optimize camera position accuracy (reprojection error) using control points (e.g. when working with low-quality images).
  • Measurements: Determine any distance, angle, or area (even for selected regions of the 3D model) and perform up to 3 volume calculations.
  • Volume calculation: Calculate changes in the volume of the same scene/object over time (e.g. reserves and mining monitoring applications).
  • Georeferencing: Set your coordinate system to select its EPSG code, or let Zephyr automatically detect it (custom geoid support included).
  • DTM extraction: Automatically remove above-ground features and extract digital terrain models from dense point clouds and meshes.


  • Orthophoto Generation:
    • Create orthomosaics and orthophotos from sparse/dense point clouds, LiDAR scans, or mesh.
    • Select up to three generation modes (control points, reference axes, or current view).
    • An orthophoto editor to enhance certain areas of a given orthophoto.
    • Generating tiles when working with huge data sets.
    • Available export formats are GeoTIFF, .png, .jpg, .bmp, .KML, and an Autocad script file option to export a scaled orthophoto.
  • DEM extraction: Create DSMs and DTMs using 3DF Zephyr and open or modify them directly in the software thanks to the DEM viewer.
  • CAD Drawing: Freehand polyline/spline drawing, polyline/surface extraction, cross/path sections, contour lines, and breakline creation.
  • Elevation Profile: Draw elevation profiles directly into DSM and export them to .dxf, .svg, and .pdf formats.
  • Video Animation: Create video animations of your 3D models in Zephyr and export them in .avi, .wmv, and .mp4 formats.
  • Multispectral output: Create index maps (NDVI, DVI, SAVI, R, G, B, NIR, RE) and export them to GeoTIFF format.
  • Camera and Point Export: Export internal and external camera parameters, projection matrices, undistorted images, and sparse point clouds.
  • Dense Cloud Export: Available file formats: .ply – .xyz – .txt – .las – .pts – .ptx – .rcp – .dfx – .laz – .ncn – .e57.
  • Mesh and LOD export: available file formats: .obj, .stl, .fbx, .ply, .pdf 3D, .u3D, .dae (Collada), .dxf, .3mf, .kmz, .osgb, .ive, direct upload to Sketchfab and Nira.
  • Statistics and Report: Create and export a 3DF Zephyr Full Crack project report in .pdf format, including every detail of your 3D reconstruction.

What’s new in 3DF Zephyr 7.5?

(Released on 03-10-2023)

  • Improved mesh algorithm. Thickness is now computed automatically to better maintain thin structures.
  • Camera group/rig relationship (translation/baseline and rotation) can now be specified during the project wizard.
  • Improved add photos wizard and workspace merge. Both can now work in a completely automatic mode.
  • The options dialog has been reworked and improved. You can now quickly search among the options.
  • Improved multispectral imagery support. The intra-bands adjustment works better, and several QoL improvements have been made.
  • Orthophotos are now embedded and saved with the workspace. Additionally, you can now directly generate an orthophoto from the Z axis (map) from the new project wizard.
  • Added an option to save partial reconstructions (unmerged clusters) on zep files at the end of the SfM.
  • Added an option to reset the gizmo rotation. Additionally, the camera doesn’t reset on cancel, and the object visibility doesn’t change when ok is pressed.
  • Export cameras in blender/json (nerf) format.
  • Added options to change the gizmo thickness and its screen size.
  • Improved 3D constraints importing and added an option to specify a projected coordinate system.
  • You can now define camera stations (groups of images with the same origin and pure rotation) during the project wizard.
  • Added support for the last 1.4.
  • Added support for Leica Blk3d devices.
  • You can export an undistorted image with the full distortion bounding box.
  • Improved Nira exporter with native SDK support.
  • Osgb and kmz tiles are now exported with the new algorithm for improved performance.
  • Enabled orthophoto editor for multispectral datasets.
  • Support for NavVis cameras.
  • Added a utility to extract or generate bubble views stored in point clouds. Possibility to export mask and parameters.
  • Added progress bar and cancel button on several filters.
  • Many minor fixes and QoL improvements.

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3DF Zephyr Patch & License Key Free Download

3DF Zephyr Activator & Keygen Final Download

How to install & crack?
  • 3DF Zephyr 7.529 downloaded package contains the setup for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems (Choose according to your OS).
  • Disconnect from the internet and also pause your Antivirus momentarily as the medicine file will be detected as a threat to your Windows (But it is safe and tested by TOPKEYGEN).
  • Now extract the package by using WinZip or WinRAR and install 3DF Zephyr 7.529 by using setup.
  • After the installation, don’t launch the program or exit if started.
  • Copy the crack file to the installation directory and replace it.
  • It’s done, Enjoy 3DF Zephyr 7.529 Full Version.

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