CodeTrigger Professional Crack & Serial Key Download

CodeTrigger Professional License Key & Patch {Updated} Free Download

CodeTrigger Professional Crack & Serial Key {Updated} Free Download

Increase your productivity by focusing on all crucial business issues and let CodeTrigger Professional Crack generate the majority of your boiler code behind the scenes. Designed to work with SQL Server 2012+, Oracle 11g / 12c, and MySQL 8.0+ to import predefined database schemas and modeling relationships into your WPF / WCF / Winforms / Web multilevel application, leaving your team free to focus on more. High-level technical areas. With just one click, create a SQL Server stored procedure, data layer class, business domain class, and WCF interface class, along with relevant WPF and code samples to get you started.

CodeTrigger Professional License Key aims to simplify and speed up your software development process, creating non-intrusive models for your development team. Unlike other code generators, CodeTrigger Professional Full Version is primarily designed in an agnostic way. You don’t have to adhere to a particular Taste of the Month design philosophy or be tied to complex layers of impenetrable code.

Choose whether you prefer to code the data layer or choose to code additional business and class layer models. Choose if you want a simple 3-tier app with your UI code and business/data layers. CodeTrigger Professional Patch produces what you want, the way you want.

CodeTrigger Professional Key Features:


CodeTrigger Professional Serial Key has a detailed configuration feature that allows you to select all or one of the following options for your project:

  • Generation of business objects.
  • Generation of data access objects.
  • Generation lazy loading member/child collection.
  • Repair your stored procedures.
  • Set the name of your parameter.
  • Ignore database tables and see prefixes.
  • Automatically create modification scripts directly in your database.
  • Generate SQL / PLSQL script files instead.
  • Create online SQL in your code to avoid database modification.
  • Generate simple projects at several levels.
  • Generate complex multi-level architectural projects using assistants.

And all this in addition to being able to choose from Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL data sources, or to create projects that combine all three!

SQL Package Settings & Object Collections

There are several configuration options for SQL creation so that you can customize the output to your preference. SQL can be directly (automatically) scripted into your database to create procedures and packages, or it can be created as a script file that you need to run, or it can be created as SQL inline so that you don’t have to change the database (MSQL and MYSQL only).

The relationships between objects come from the primary and foreign key relationships in the database and are represented as a collection of business objects. You can choose whether or not to include collection management methods in the classes you create.

Code Generation Options

There are dozens of combination options for coding. Some of the options are:

  • Generate Interface – Select this option for scenarios where you may need to switch between implementations of a particular function, CodeTrigger Professional Crack will then generate interface definition files for all of its classes and ensure that the class implements this interface.
  • Repository model – You can select this option to enable swapping in and out of the repository implementation when using the repository model.
  • Dependency Injection and IOC – If you are using this template, you can configure CodeTrigger to generate code and attributes to allow the use of common containers such as Unity and Ninject if needed.
  • Unit of Work Model – Selecting this option decorates your class with relevant attributes and interfaces to allow the construction of transaction workers for multiple database operations that can be rolled back as a single unit. There is built-in support for repository and non-repository model use cases.
  • Database concurrency management – This option generates concurrency management code blocks and multi-user master data versions assuming an “optimistic concurrency” scenario.
  • Logging support – you can select this option to generate a logging reminder so that you can easily add logging for all user actions and capture information about all “enter”, and “update” requests. And “delete” with minimal effort. This option generates a callback to allow you to provide implementation or call a third-party registrar of your choice, for example, log4net or the Microsoft Enterprise Practice Logging Block.
  • Exception Handling – This option generates exception-handling callbacks so you can easily enter your preferred exception-handling implementation or invoke/configure third-party enterprise-level exception-handling libraries.

These are just a few of the many options available, for simple and complex projects, from basic 1-tier database query applications to enterprise-grade applications with multi-tier architectures.

Customized Queries via CriteriaQuery API

Create your own query using the criteria API, combine “where” filter clauses, use “projection” to select specific fields from the database, and reuse database results as your filter. subquery with “in sub query” and sort the results by the “message by” clause.

Customizing Generated Code

There are several ways to customize the generated code:

  • CodeTrigger Professional Keygen uses a partial class approach, so you can extend the generated code by declaring a partial class with additional functionality.
  • You can always override virtual methods in the created class, providing your own implementation.
  • You can select the option to create an interface and inherit from that interface to provide your own implementation.
  • You can use the repository model to include your own repository implementation, derived or vice versa from the base-generated implementation.
  • Finally, as a last resort, you can modify the generated code immediately and then add this file to the “list of escaped files” to prevent it from being overwritten. This is the last resort, because if you accidentally run a file that is not listed in the list of escaped files, you may lose all your changes! So never use this approach unless you have a version/source control system.

Integrating with Source Control

To help a project under source code control, the “list of escaped files” allows you to specify which files should not be regenerated, to avoid having to constantly check them. These files are generally shared base files.

Continuous Integration & Command Line Control:

To facilitate advanced scenarios like continuous integration, automatic deployment, etc., a command-line version is available to run predefined code generation projects, before code generation. You can schedule this command line to run after your continuous integration environment has (rebuilt) your database.

WCF Services

CodeTrigger Professional Activator gives you the possibility to create a WCF service for your project. The WCF interface, service method, and configuration file are created when you select the option. You can also choose to represent each business object as a service or combine all business objects and operations into a single service.

UI Sample Generation & Project Wizards

CodeTrigger Professional Full Crack provides comprehensive sampling functionality to let you quickly understand the possibilities available with the generated code. The sample is designed as a no-frills code example to demonstrate the feasibility of the code generated by CodeTrigger and the different ways to interact with it in your project. Most importantly, the examples created by CodeTrigger use real objects from the database you provide so that you can see real-life examples that interest you.

However, it is important to note that CodeTrigger Professional Patch is not a GUI or user interface authoring tool. The UI sampling functionality provided is only intended to evaluate other CodeTrigger functionality and is not a supported functionality in itself.

Project Wizards allow you to structure Visual Studio projects in seconds and create complete CodeTrigger project configuration files, which you can create directly over the lifecycle of your project.

No Third-Party References/Libraries to Include / 100% Re-Distributable Generated Code

CodeTrigger Professional License Key generates raw code and only raw code, NO need to reference CodeTrigger assemblies and libraries in your final output. All code generated by CodeTrigger when used in your application is 100% redistributable.

What’s new in CodeTrigger Professional?

(Released on 05-05-2021)

  • Fix – Bug generating older version identity schema.
  • Fix – Escaping menuitems.xml actually works.
  • Fix – Occasional error in the visual studio, not reloading project.

CodeTrigger Professional License Key & Patch {Tested} Free Download

CodeTrigger Professional Keygen & Activator {Latest} Free Download

How to install & activate?
  • Disconnect from the internet (Recommended).
  • Extract and install CodeTrigger Professional by using setup.
  • After the installation, don’t run the program or exit if running.
  • Copy the crack file to the installation directory and replace it.
  • It’s done, Enjoy CodeTrigger Professional Full Version.

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