Modern CSV 2.0.4 Crack & License Key {2023} Free Download

Modern CSV 2.0.4 Patch & Serial Key {2023} Latest Free Download

Modern CSV Crack & License Key {Updated} Free Download

When editing CSV documents, most people look for highly professional tools to help them do what they really want or need to do. Modern CSV 2.0.4 Crack is exactly that kind of tool for editing table data. It covers the weakness of spreadsheet programs to handle CSV while incorporating the strengths of the best text editors.

Modern CSV 2.0.4 License Key offers many options and features and is both fast and easy to use. It includes editing multiple cells, filtering and sorting data, handling large files, light and dark themes, regex find/replace, and much more. Most of the commands have keyboard shortcuts that you can customize to your liking. With that in mind, there is a comprehensive list of things this little program does well in terms of CSV documents.

Modern CSV 2.0.4 Key Features:

Quick Editing:

  • Multicell editing
  • Duplicate rows, columns, and cells
  • Move rows, columns, and cells
  • Insert rows and columns
  • Delete rows and columns
  • Merge cells, rows, and columns (Premium feature)
  • Divide cells, rows, and columns with an index or delimiter (Premium feature)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for most editing commands
  • Most of the editing commands can work on multiple cells/rows/columns at once.

Large File Handling:

  • Load files with billions of lines.
  • Read-only mode for more efficient file management.
  • Load files up to 11 times faster than Excel.

Find and Arrange Your Data:

  • Find/replace with regular expression, highlight match, whole-cell match, etc.
  • Sort the rows or columns in ascending or descending order.
  • Filter the rows or columns.
  • Hide rows or columns.
  • Clear filtered or hidden data.

Customizable to Your Needs:

  • Light and dark themes.
  • You can define keyboard shortcuts as you like.
  • The settings include cell size, row/column shading, text font, etc.
  • Show or hide sidebars, tab bars, and menus.

Additional Capabilities:

  • Supports multiple constraints + automatic limiter detection.
  • Supports multiple character encodings.
  • Drag and drop files or folders.
  • Freeze header rows/columns so that they are always visible.
  • Automatically refresh when the file is edited externally.
  • According to RFC 4180.
  • Fuzzy searches for all commands and files.
  • Drag and drop cells, rows, or columns.
  • Change the date and time format.
  • Change the order of the entire table or the table segment.
  • Duplicate, rename, or delete files from the program.
  • Handles badly formatted files.

What’s new in Modern CSV 2.0?

(Released on 01-06-2023)



  • Improved UI and user experience.
  • Faster performance.
  • A ton of powerful features, mostly requested by current users.
  • Native Apple Silicon (ARM – M1, M2) compatibility.
  • Updated comprehensive documentation (see here).

UI and User Experience Improvements:

  • Context (right-click) menus in tabs and on the sidebar.
  • Preference window. Changes no longer have to be made by editing a text file, but that option’s still available.
  • File Metadata pane to easily change file parameters and settings.


  • Improved app loading time
  • Improved performance for files with many columns
  • Improved performance for sorting numbers
  • Mac: ARM (M1/M2) compatibility


  • New themes: Dracula, Solarized Light, Solarized Dark
  • Filter with regular expressions
  • Column Lookup feature (similar to VLOOKUP in spreadsheet programs) [Premium Business license]
  • Statistics (Number of data points, sum, mean, variance, standard deviation, median, min, max, quintiles) [Premium Business license]
  • Column Analysis (number of fields, empty vs. non-empty fields, minimum/maximum field length, data type) [Premium Business license]
  • Unique Values (histogram, frequency count, filter in and out) [Premium Business license]

New Settings:

  • Save With Trailing Delimiters
  • Text Editor
  • Remove Extraneous Rows/Columns on File Save
  • Case Sensitive Sorting
  • Show File Metadata
  • Represent Columns as Letters
  • Search Engine
  • Online Map

New Commands:

  • Command Title Shortcut
  • Add Next Match to Selection
  • Column Analysis (All Columns)
  • Column Analysis (Selected Columns)/(All Columns)
  • Column Lookup
  • Convert Number Format
  • Copy Cell(s) with Header
  • Copy the File Name to Clipboard
  • Copy File Path to Clipboard
  • Copy Folder Path to Clipboard
  • Duplicate Row(s)/Column(s) Multiple Times
  • Edit Preferences
  • Email Selected Email Addresses
  • Hide All But Selected Row(s)/Column(s)
  • Insert Cells, Move Rest of Column Down
  • Insert Cells, Move Rest of Row Right
  • Insert Row(s)/Columns(s) Before Multiple Times
  • Invert Selection by Rows/Columns (Header Excluded)
  • Join Selected Cells Horizontally, Move Rest of Row Left
  • Keep Only the Left/Middle/Right Parts of Selected Cells
  • Move File
  • New Window
  • Open File Analysis Window
  • Open File in Text Editor
  • Place Current Date/Time Stamp (Now) in Selected Cells
  • Random Decimals (Floats) in Selected Cells
  • Random Integers in Selected Cells
  • Refresh Filters
  • Reload File with Different Parameters
  • Remove Duplicate Columns (Based on Selected Rows Only)
  • Remove Duplicate Rows (Based on Selected Columns Only)
  • Remove Empty Columns (Based on Selected Rows Only)
  • Remove Empty Rows (Based on Selected Columns Only)
  • Remove Leading Zeros
  • Remove Selected Cells and the Rest of Their Columns
  • Remove Selected Cells and the Rest of Their Rows
  • Remove Selected Cells, Move Rest of Column Up
  • Remove Selected Cells, Move Rest of Row Left
  • Reshape Selected Cells Row-Wise/Column-Wise
  • Scroll Up/Down/Left/Right One Screen
  • Scroll to Top/Bottom/Far Left/Far Right
  • Select All Matches
  • Select Down to the Bottom of the Column
  • Select Duplicate Columns (Based on Selected Rows Only)
  • Select Duplicate Row(s)/Column(s)
  • Select Duplicate Rows (Based on Selected Columns Only)
  • Select From Main Cell To …
  • Select Left To Start of Row (Header Excluded)
  • Select Right to End of Row
  • Select Up to Top of Column (Header Excluded)
  • Set the Number of Decimals
  • Set Parameters for File Save
  • Statistics of Selected Columns/All Columns
  • Switch to Tab
  • Unique Values of Selected Column
  • View Changelog
  • Web Search for Selected Places in Map
  • Web Search for Selected Terms


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Small aesthetic improvements
  • Changed the name of Add or Remove License to Open License Manager.

Modern CSV Full Serial Key & Patch {Tested} Free Download

Modern CSV Full Keygen & Activator {Latest} Free Download

How to install & activate it?
  • Disconnect from the internet (Recommended).
  • Extract and install Modern CSV 2.0.4 by using setup.
  • After the installation, run the program and copy the License file content to the License Manager.
  • It’s done, Enjoy Modern CSV 2.0.4 Full Version.

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