Moho Pro 13.5.5 Build 20220524 Crack & Serial Key {2022} Free Download

Moho Pro 13.5.5 Build 20220524 Patch & License Key {Tested} Full Download

Moho Pro Crack & Serial Key {Updated} Free Download

Moho Pro 13.5.5 Build 20220524 Crack is a 2D animation software that provides professional, powerful, and easy-to-use animation and rigging tools. Create your characters and scenes directly in Moho or import Photoshop images and files preserving links and overlay structures. Draw, rig, and animate with ease! Moho Pro Full Version is perfect for professionals looking for a more efficient alternative when creating quality animations. Bring your animation projects to life!

Moho Pro 13.5.5 Build 20220524 Key Features:

  • The most powerful 2D rigging system

Moho Pro 13.5.5 Build 20220524 License Key has a rigging system that is intuitive and fast. You can set up your own character in minutes! Easily create skeletons of humans, animals, or any creature or object you want to animate. Works with both front and back cutscenes. Define target bones, add pin bones for custom controls, animate hierarchies, add boundaries, add automatic crush and stretch to any bone, relative copy and paste animations between different characters with skeletons similar, and much more! Find out why the Moho Rigging System is the “secret weapon” of many artists!

  • Drawing tools optimized for animation

Moho’s unique vector system is optimized for animation and rigging, keeping shapes consistent as they move. Moho’s vector tool allows you to draw directly in the software. You can also add brushes and effects to easily achieve natural results. Everything can be animated: curvature, line width, exposure, curve profile, path, mask, gradient, opacity, point color… Moho’s flexible tools will allow you to animate any style!

  • Smart Bones

Smart bone is a revolutionary way to make your character behave exactly the way you want. Your character’s joints will bend without distortion. You can also use the Smart Bones as control levers to animate facial expressions, facial rotations, or even full-body twists! The best part is that they are very easy to install. Just select the one you want to turn into a Smart Bone, create an action for it, and animate the elements as you see fit. Now every time you animate this bone, the others will move exactly as you intended!

  • Vitruvian bones

Animating shortcuts and complex actions is easier than ever! Inspired by Da Vinci’s image of the Vitruvian Man, Vitruvian bones are a powerful new way to organize your character. The intuitive V-bone system allows you to change images and different sets of bones. For example, you can have different sets of heads, each with its own controller. Or the same member from a different perspective. Vitruvian bones in Moho Pro 13.5.5 Build 20220524 Patch will allow you to group and animate them quickly by simply switching between them. Apply to any part of the body or even change to a completely different body!! This unique approach makes it easy to have characters rigged with the allure of traditional animation.

  • Photoshop files Import

Create your illustration in your favorite software: Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Procreate, or any application you want, then save your illustration as a PSD and import it into Moho. All layers will be ready to install and animate!

  • Quad meshes to animate exactly in the way you want!

The snare is now even more powerful and easier to use with the new Quads! Liven up your artwork in real perspective by simply attaching a four-point shape to it. Or create a grid for your character – combining triangles and quads – and make them move like in 3D. Animating bitmap illustrations, images, and vector graphics have never been easier! Quad mesh opens up a whole world of possibilities.

  • Automate your animation with Physics, Particles, Dynamics

Create complex realistic animations on the fly! Change your scene in the gravity playground with the physics engine, just hit the play button and see how objects and characters bounce and react to the movements of others. Create rain, smoke, grass, flocks of birds, crowds, or whatever you can imagine. Moho Pro 13.5.5 Build 20220524 Serial Key has a powerful particle system that allows you to mix it with all animation tools to get the results you are looking for. Add dynamics to your character, create automatic follows for ears, tails, antennae, clothes, or whatever you want to animate. Just move the character and Dynamics will do the rest for you!

  • Add life to your scenes with the new Wind dynamics!

The Wind is the latest addition to the powerful and easy-to-use physics toolbox that Moho Pro 13.5.5 Build 20220524 Keygen offers! Take absolute control of wind force, direction, and turbulence and bring your scene to life in minutes. Breathe new life into your backgrounds and characters with Wind Dynamics!

  • Take full control of your animation with the Timeline, Graph mode, and multiple interpolation modes

Control every detail of your animation with Moho’s deep and easy-to-use timeline. Set the interpolation mode to reach the desired time, Smooth, Step, Easy In/Out, and more. Create cycles for any channel, additional animations, set intervals to animate at 2 seconds, 3 seconds, or any frame number. Easily create natural movements with Bounce and Elastic interpolation. Edit your animations with graphics mode and more! Moho’s timeline is intuitive, clean, and powerful!

  • Full 3D space and camera

Use Moho’s 3D workspace to place and rotate your layers. Then move the camera around for easy multi-shot effects. Have full control over the appearance of your layers with the ability to automatically maintain the visual size of layers you move in 3D. Import 3D objects from your favorite software or create basic elements right in Moho Pro 13.5.5 Build 20220524 Activator with extruding, inflate and turn options for vector layers.

  • Lip sync tools

Easily create your lipsync with the Switch layers and switch options window. The animation of Lip-Sync is fast and precise. Complete your work with Papagayo – open-source software also created by Lost Marble – to automate Lip Sync animations. Just add audio and text and Papagayo will create the mainframe for you!

  • FBX Support for Unity Game Developers

Unity game developers and users can take advantage of FBX support for 2D animated content in Moho Pro Crack, eliminating the need to create rigid sprites for game development and providing the ability to achieve the look exactly they want. FBX, a customizable file format for 3D animation from Autodesk, is the most common method for integrating 2D and 3D animation assets into Unity.

  • Personalize your experience with Scripting

Write your own tools, edit existing ones, or check out what other users have done. There are hundreds of powerful tools and improvements made by the community. Make Moho Pro Full Version work just the way you want it to!

  • A big active community to learn and share

The Moho community is one of its biggest advantages. It’s full of great users and it’s getting bigger every day. You can learn from the experiences of others, ask for help and feedback, share your work and ideas, and contribute knowledge!

What’s new in Moho Pro 13.5?

(Released on 09-11-2021)


  • More Audio and Video support

Moho now supports lots of video and audio files to import and export! The list is bigger than ever!

  • New Automatic Mesh creation!

Create amazing animation in minutes with the new live triangulation tools. Creating a Smart Warp layer has never been this easy. Simply draw lines over the parts and details you want to animate and let Moho do the rest!

  • Greatly improved Photoshop files import!

The way Moho handles *.PSD files is faster, more stable, and more flexible than ever. Moho now uses a new system to keep track of the imported layers, making it easy and safe to add, remove and modify layers in Photoshop, Clip Studio, or other illustration software.

  • New Copy Deep Frames feature!

Copy full frames from one character to another, including animation from every layer inside of the character. Sharing full animation (bones, vectors, switches, meshes, etc.) between similar characters now only takes a couple of clicks.

  • New 13.5 Characters in the Library

The library now includes new characters that use Moho’s new features to play and study: Vitruvian Man, Fox, Broccoli, Cuervo, Horse, and Night Boy.


  • Big overhaul of media I/O handling:
  • Many more support movie formats for both import and export
  • Alpha channel support reintroduced for movie files
  • Brought back support for MP3 audio (and more audio formats)
  • 265 video requires an NVIDIA GPU (

Smart warp improvements:

  • Automatically generate a smart warp mesh for an image layer (Draw->Create Smart Warp Layer)
  • When a vector layer has triangulation turned on, the triangulation is “live”
  • As you edit the layer (add/move/delete points), the triangulation will update
  • There’s so much more to say about this than can go in release notes.
    • Feature: Copy Deep Frame / Paste Deep Frame (in the Animation menu).
    • The Preview Animation function creates a higher-resolution movie now.
    • Improved quality for exported JPEG images.
    • When rendering out a project that has never been saved, the output goes to the Desktop folder, not a hidden temp folder.
    • In the export dialog, added back the ability to remove export locations from the destination popup menu.
    • Fixed audio recording on Mac.
    • Added some safeguards around project saving in case Moho crashes while saving.

Photoshop file improvements:

  • Better tracking of layers in Moho as they get modified/added/moved/removed in Photoshop.
  • The layer selection dialog has a bigger and better-aligned layer preview area.
  • Intelligent automatic trimming of imported layers (useful for many exporters of PSD files like Procreate).
  • Support for layers masks in PSD files.
  • If you use the “Select Image” button in the Layer Settings dialog and choose a PSD file, you will get prompted to select a layer from that file.
  • A Moho layer that is imported from a PSD file maintains a link to the PSD layer’s name – if you change it in Photoshop, it will change in Moho.

PSD fixes:

  • Fixed loading PSDs if there’s a non-English character in the path, like é.
  • Fixed an app freeze with PSD files.
  • Fixed Soft Light blend mode.
    • Faster Undo when working with a Bone layer that has lots of PSD layers inside it.
    • Added some small new menu scripts (Pro only).
  • Animation->Noisy Point Animation.
  • Animation->Randomize Switch Layer.
    • Added a new option in layer settings, “Ignored by layer selector”.
  • This makes the layer be ignored by the Layer Selector tool (or Alt+right-click).
  • Useful for things like overlays or guides that you may never want to pick, but covert over layer that you do want to pick.
    • Added an option for the image tracing dialog to trace an image’s alpha channel.

Changes to the Bind Points tool:

  • When binding, only attach the points that are selected, don’t detach unselected points.
  • Added an Un-Bind Points button to change the selected points back to Flexi-binding.
  • Selected points show their binding colors when using this tool.

Improvements to auto-triangulation:

  • Users can change the color and width of “user lines” in an auto-triangulated mesh.
    • The Wind effect can now have negative strength values, making it easier to reverse the wind direction.
    • New 13.5 Characters in the Library.

Moho Pro License Key & Patch {Tested} Free Download

Moho Pro Keygen & Activator {Latest} Free Download

How to install & activate?
  • Disconnect from the internet and disable your antivirus protection momentarily (Recommended).
  • Extract and install Moho Pro 13.5.5 Build 20220524 by using setup.
  • After the installation, don’t launch the program or close it if launched.
  • Copy the crack file to the installation directory and replace it.
  • It’s done, Enjoy Moho Pro 13.5.5 Build 20220524 Full Version.

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