The Bat! Professional 11.0.3 Crack & License Key Download

The Bat! Professional 11.0.3 License Key & Patch {Latets} Full Download

The Bat! Professional Crack & License Key Free Download

The Bat! Professional 11.0.3 Crack is a secure email client for Windows designed to protect your correspondence from third parties. It protects your information with multiple encryption streams, with the ability to store all information encrypted on your drive and secure email while communicating with end-to-end encryption (E2EE). The Bat! Professional Crack can work without global mail providers that store your messages in the cloud, from where they can be stolen. Bat! stores your emails on your computer to keep them private. Bat! blocks malicious code and tracking pixels that are distributed via email. This is a way to protect against email hacking.

The Bat! Professional 11.0.3 License Key is capable of processing and storing an unlimited number of messages and has no limits on the number of email accounts available via the IMAP, POP, or MAPI protocols. Bat! is the perfect multiple email account manager – allows you to quickly access all your email accounts in one place. Bat! it is a safe, secure, and reliable mail application. It processes very large message bases quickly and with little memory.

MailTicker is without a doubt one of The Bat!’s most powerful features. MailTicker adds a visual indicator to your desktop, similar to those stock market banners you may know from some TV news channels. It shows unread messages according to a set of simple options that you can choose from. It makes The Bat! Professional 11.0.3 Patch the best email app for Windows.

The Bat! Professional 11.0.3 Key Features:

  • Smart Sorting Office

Sorting Office is a powerful filtering system that not only organizes your incoming, outgoing, read, and replied messages into folders, but can also automatically reply; respond with a custom template; forward, redirect, print, or export communications; send read confirmations; run an external program and much more. After spending a few minutes setting up sorting rules, you can forget about dragging messages from folder to folder.

  • Handy Message Templates

Save time and create message templates that use custom macros. Any mailbox, folder, or address book entry can have a personalized set of templates for a new message, reply, or forward.

  • Quick Templates

With quick templates, you can insert prepared text into an email; useful when users frequently reply to messages with the same text every day. With macros in quick templates, you can even set up a complex sequence of actions.

  • CardDAV support for address book synchronization

The Bat! Professional 11.0.3 Serial Key offers support for the CardDAV protocol to sync contacts with CardDAV servers, including Google and iCloud. You can add, edit, or delete contacts in The Bat! Professional Patch and all these changes will be reflected on the server. Such synchronization is useful when you access the same address book from different devices: for example, you can add a new contact using your smartphone or tablet and it will appear in The Bat! after you sync it with the CardDAV server.

  • Address Book Features

The Address Book makes it easy to manage contacts, create groups, and set up mailing lists. Give each contact a personal and business address, customizable templates, a default character set, photos, and their own S/MIME certificate.

  • Address History

View the entire history of messages from a contact in one place using the address history feature.

  • Extended Support of National Codepages

The Bat! Professional 11.0.3 Keygen allows you to set the character encoding for a mailbox, folder, or address book entry. You don’t have to manually set the code page for every message you send. Also, The Bat! supports Unicode as well as system fonts.

  • Convenient Message Dispatcher

View messages stored on your POP3 mail server without downloading them. This is useful for managing your mail remotely, such as leaving “this copy of this huge document” on the server until you get home, but still receiving and reading urgent notes over a mobile connection.

  • Multilingual Interface

Switch between languages ​​on the fly without restarting The Bat! Professional 11.0.3 Activator, 18 languages ​​are currently included.

  • Quick Image Viewing

Quick access to embedded images with The Bat!’s built-in image viewer. Navigate between images, rotate, resize, scale, and print images from The Bat!

  • QR Code Generator

The Bat! Professional 11.0.3 Serial Number can quickly generate QR codes from selected text, URLs, emails, address book entries, etc. When a QR code is generated, you can scan it with your mobile device’s camera. You can also email it by copying and pasting it into an HTML message, or saving it as a PNG file and attaching it to a message.

  • Automated Attachment Processing

You have several ways to quickly and easily process files attached to email messages. Saving all attachments from several selected messages is very simple: click the menu item once and select the destination folder The Bat! Professional License Key will save all attachments from all messages to this folder. You do not need to set up any script, filter, or rule to perform this routine task. Additionally, you can set up your email account to store all attachments in a separate folder on disk so that each attachment is a separate file rather than Base64 encoded in the body of the message. You can also set up a filter to automatically save attachments from incoming messages to different folders on disk, depending on the sender’s name, for example.

  • Postponed Sending

You can schedule emails to be sent later for future delivery: at a given moment, specifying the exact date and time, or with a delay (for example, 15 minutes to change your mind).

  • Configurable New Email Notification Sounds

There are many ways to set the sound to play on incoming messages: for all messages or for individual messages, only selected by filters, for example, based on the names or addresses of senders, etc.

  • Plain Text

You can customize The Bat! Professional Keygen for text-only emails: always show all emails in plain text (even HTML-only messages), reply to HTML messages in plain text with quotes, etc.

  • Import Wizard

You can import your messages into The Bat! from:

    • Mozilla Thunderbird
    • Eudora Light/Pro
    • Pegasus Post
    • Netscape 6
    • Netscape Messenger v4.xx
    • Netscape Mail v2.xx, 3.xx
    • Microsoft Outlook Express 5.x / 6.x
    • Microsoft Office Outlook
    • MS Outlook Express 4 / News MS Mail
    • You can import your address books into The Bat! from:
    • LDIF file
    • Business card (VCard)
    • Address list (plain text)
    • Separated by commas (plain text)
    • Tab delimiters (plain text)
    • INI file
    • 509 Certificate
    • Eudora’s address book
    • Pegasus Tag File
    • MS Outlook Contacts
    • MS Outlook Express (Windows Address Book)
    • Windows Mail (Vista)
    • Google Contacts
  • IDN support

Internationalized domain names are domain names that contain characters from non-Latin alphabets such as Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, and Greek. IDN support includes characters based on the Latin alphabet with diacritics, such as in French and German.

  • RSS feed subscriptions

RSS is a technology that allows you to receive news published on websites, blogs, or forums. You can subscribe to an unlimited number of RSS feeds and read and classify the information coming through them. All news and forum posts are automatically extracted, combined, and displayed in one list, just like regular emails. In the list of news, you will see not only the headlines but also the summary, so you can view only the news that interests you.

  • Streamlined IMAP4 protocol

The Bat! Professional Serial Key can connect to email accounts on servers via IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) in such a way that it opens multiple simultaneous connections to the same account for faster access: it can perform several different operations in parallel, e.g. work with messages in one folder while other folders are synchronized.

  • Command-line handling

The Bat! Professional Crack also supports a command line interface to automate routine tasks. For example, you can send an email from a Windows Command Prompt (.CMD) batch file or from a PowerShell script. You can also import and export messages and addresses and perform other useful actions automatically.

  • Modest System Requirements

The Bat! Professional 11.0.3 Full Crack is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and later Windows operating systems. There are no minimum memory or processor speed requirements. It runs on any Windows PC platform with a screen resolution of at least 1024×768.

  • End-to-end Encryption

The Bat! Professional Activator supports PGP and GnuPG (GPG) for end-to-end email encryption (E2EE). Bat! also supports S/MIME via internal implementation or Microsoft CryptoAPI.

  • On-the-fly Data Encryption

During installation, you can enable On-The-Fly encryption, so all data (messages, address books, configuration files) will be stored encrypted on your hard drive. In this mode, unencrypted data never appears on the disk. On-the-fly encryption uses AES hardware acceleration on modern Intel processors (AES-NI) and causes no noticeable latency.

  • Encryption to Mail Servers

The Bat! mail client protects your personal information with wide support for authentication and encryption protocols when working with mail servers. This prevents intentional tampering and losing sensitive data when sending messages over the Internet. Bat! supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) v3.0 / Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.0, v1.1, and v1.2 without using any third-party library — The Bat! has its own implementation of these cryptographic protocols.

  • Backup and Restore

Protect against data loss with The Bat! email backup and restore feature; backup of individual configuration settings, address books, folders, and messages.

  • The Bat!’s own Address Book

Viruses extract and distribute your contact information from some email address books. Unlike other email programs, The Bat! uses its own address book, which is not associated with easy virus targets such as the Microsoft Windows address book.

  • Message Parking

Don’t lose important messages; once a message is parked, you won’t be able to move it to another folder, and it won’t be silently deleted or automatically cleared.

  • Selective Download

Select the messages you want to delete or leave on your POP3 server by setting the appropriate filters in the Sorting Office. Selective download filters can be used to protect against viruses and spam.

  • Safe Handling of Attached Files

If the attached file has a “double extension”, such as photo.jpg.exe, The Bat! Professional Patch will warn you and let you see the real extension. Bat! checks the extensions of attached files and prevents them from running if they are suspicious.

  • ASLR and DEP

The Bat! Professional 11.0.3 Activation Key uses Windows Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) and Data Execution Prevention (DEP) to protect your computer from viruses and malware distributed via email.

  • 64-bit Version

The 64-bit version of The Bat! offers advantages for speed and security. In terms of performance, it is 5% faster than the 32-bit version on a 64-bit operating system. Using 64-bit programs on 64-bit operating systems is more secure against threats, especially those targeting 32-bit applications.

  • Electronic Discovery Protection

The security, search, and sorting features of The Bat! make it an indispensable tool for electronic search. Bat! handles attachments well, and its import wizard makes it easy for lawyers to work with files exported from other email clients. Its powerful search and sorting capabilities help sort e-mails by legal, theory of law, or recipients, greatly increasing your ability to handle the large amount of information available. It is a key tool for lawyers in complex court cases.

What’s new in The Bat! Professional 11.0.3?

(Released on 04-01-2024)


  • Force use Classic Preview Pane under Windows versions below 10.


  • Combo boxes in the Preferences dialog become empty when moved into a scroll box on smaller screens.
  • Quick Reply could not be switched off in the Conversation View and did not have a context menu.
  • Fix some possible sources of AV errors (including ones when switching editor type).
  • Template output could be garbled for non-UTF-8 encoded HTML messages.

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The Bat! Professional Serial Key & Patch Full Download

The Bat! Professional Keygen & Activator Final Download

How to install & crack?
  • The Bat! Professional 11.0.3 downloaded package contains the setup for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems (Choose according to your OS).
  • Disconnect from the internet and also pause your Antivirus momentarily as the medicine file will be detected as a threat to your Windows (But it is safe and tested by TOPKEYGEN).
  • Now extract the package by using WinZip or WinRAR and install The Bat! Professional 11.0.3 by using setup.
  • After the installation is done, don’t launch the program or exit if started.
  • Copy the patch file to the installation directory, run it, and click on the Patch.
  • It’s done, Enjoy The Bat! Professional 11.0.3 Full Version.

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