WYSIWYG Web Builder 19.2.2 Patch & Keygen {2024} Download


WYSIWYG Web Builder Patch & Keygen {Updated} Free Download

WYSIWYG Web Builder 19.2.2 Patch (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) is a powerful program used to create web pages. WYSIWYG means that the completed page will display exactly as expected. This program generates HTML (HyperText Markup Language) tags when you point and click on the desired function; You can create web pages without learning HTML. Simply drag and drop the object onto the “where you want” page and when you have finished publishing it to your web server (using the generation tool in Publish).

What you can do with WYSIWYG Web Builder?

Desktop publishing for the web, build websites as easily as Drag & Drop!

  • Visually design your website (What-Does-You-Get-What-You-Get).
  • Just drag and drop your web page object.
  • The navigation bar, menu bar, and many other navigation options.
  • The FTP program “One-click publishing” is not required. No special hosting is required, use any hosting service!
  • Easily create forms using the integrated form guide as well as the form validation and CAPTCHA tools.
  • Its advanced graphics tools such as shapes, text art, rotation, shadows, and many other image effects.
  • Fully integrated jQuery interface (accordion, tab, etc.), animations, effects, and ThemeRoller theme editor by default.
  • Google-compatible sitemap generator / PayPal e-commerce tool
  • Many navigation tools are available: navigation bar, tabbed menu, drop-down menu, site tree, and slide menu.
  • Slideshow, photo gallery, flyover images, banners, etc.
  • Support for YouTube, Flash Video, Windows Media Player, and many other video formats.
  • Unique extension system (additional modules) with more than 250 extensions available!

Create HTML5 / CSS3 websites today!

  • HTML5 document type (optimized HTML5 result).
  • HTML5 and YouTube audio and video support.
  • HTML5 form: validation of original forms, new types and input options, and web storage.
  • HTML5 <canvas> and <svg> support shapes and other drawing tools.
  • CSS3 @ font-face. Use unsecured web fonts in all modern browsers.
  • CSS3 opacity, border-radius, box-shadow.
  • CSS3 border-image
  • CSS3 gradients. Add cool gradient effects using native CSS3 (no images).
  • CSS3 navigation menu. Create amazing menus without using JavaScript or images.
  • CSS3 animations and transitions. Includes support for 2D and 3D transformations!
  • CSS3 filters and background filters.

Features for Advanced Users!

  • Login tool/password protection page.
  • Content management system Integrated with numerous plug-ins (guest books, FAQs, downloads, photo albums, etc.).
  • Add custom HTML code with HTML tools.
  • JavaScript shows: show/hide objects (with animation), timers, move objects, change styles, etc.
  • Layers: sticky layers, anchor layers, floating layers, modal layers, anchored layers, stretch layers, and more!
  • JQuery Theme Manager creates your theme for the default jQuery user interface widget.
  • Style Manager (global style, H1, H2, H3, etc.)
  • Master Frame and Master Object: reuse the common elements of your website.
  • Flexbox and Flex Grid containers.
  • Conditions and calculations.
  • and many others!

WYSIWYG Web Builder 19.2.2 Key Features:

  • Responsive Web Design: Built-in support for layout grid, flexbox, CSS grid, or absolute/fixed layouts with breakpoints.
  • Web Fonts: Easily add Google Fonts and other Web Fonts to your website.
  • Animations: Add amazing pre-made animations and transitions or create your animations. More than 150 pre-defined animations are included.
  • Pre-made Blocks: Use pre-made blocks to quickly get started. More than 150 blocks are available!
  • Forms Tools: Send Emails, Upload Files, Store Data in MySQL or CSV, Auto Responder, Form Validation, Conditions/Calculations.
  • Images & Media: Image filters, shapes, galleries, carousels, lightboxes, rollover animations, YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 Video/Audio.
  • Icon Libraries: Support for Font Awesome, Material Icons, and many other icon libraries.
  • Navigation: Navigation buttons, drop-down menus, fullscreen menus, mega menus, panel menus, breadcrumb, pagination, and more!
  • Extensions: Hundreds of extensions to add extra functionality to the software. Including slideshows, navigation, audio/video, webshops, data viewers, etc.
  • One-Click Publishing: No external FTP program is needed. No special hosting is required, use any Hosting Service! Supports Secure FTP, FTPS, and standard FTP.
  • Drag and Drop: Visually design your website (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get). Just drag & drop the objects to your web pages. The HTML code will be automatically generated for you!
  • SEO Tools: Google-compatible sitemap and robots.txt generator. The built-in SEO Assistant helps you to make your web pages more search engine-friendly.
  • Password Protect Pages: Multi-user login tools. Sign Up, Password Recovery, Online User Administrator, User Roles, etc.
  • CMS: Built-in (PHP-based) Content Management System to allow you or your customers to manage content online. There is also more basic ‘Editable Content’ functionality available.
  • E-commerce: Integrated support for third-party e-commerce solutions like PayPal, Ecwid, Stripe, Snipcart, Paddle, Gumroad, WebMoney, and Vibracart Pro.

WYSIWYG Web Builder 19.2.2 New Features:

  • SEO Assistant: Helps you to make your web pages more search engine friendly. The SEO Assistant scans the page for missing image descriptions, keywords, sitemap.xml/robot.txt, header tags, broken links, mobile support, etc.
  • Table of Contents: A Table Of Contents is a list of links that lead to different sections on a page. You may know this from websites like Wikipedia.
  • E-commerce: Added third-party shopping cart checkout integration for Ecwid, Stripe, Snipcart, Paddle, PayPal, Gumroad, WebMoney, and Vibracart Pro.
  • Site Manager: The Site Manager has some great new features like pinned pages, displaying recently modified pages, finding referrers, and “needs review” functionality for responsive web design.
  • Vertical Shape Dividers: Shape dividers can now be rotated 90 degrees. This makes it possible to add dividers to the left or right side of a layer, layout grid, etc.
  • Local Server Preview: Preview your website on your phone or another device on your local network without having to publish it first. Web Builder now includes a built-in web server for preview.
  • txt: Robots.txt is a text file with instructions for search engine crawlers. It defines which areas of a website crawler are allowed to search.
  • Lottie Animations: Display lightweight, scalable, and interactive Lottie animations on your websites.
  • Image Hotspots: Image Hotspots are now responsive and can have tooltips and icons. We’ve also added the ability to import hotspots from SVG files.
  • Layout Grid: Added support for fixed-width columns and added the ability to use a local video as a background.
  • Cards: Added speech bubble mode, support for shape dividers, close button, underline and strike-through, portlets, and grid mode in the card container.
  • And Much More: Bootstrap Date/Time Picker, Input Mask, Range object, RTF tables, underline styles, multi-color icons, clip-path animations, responsive shapes, etc.

What’s new in WYSIWYG Web Builder 19.2.2?

(Released on 07-06-2024)

  • Fixed: Crash when using ‘Synchronize with Site Manager’ in combination with an embedded page after closing the view.
  • Fixed: Issue with combobox margin in combination with styles.
  • Fixed: Issue with vertical alignment of full width objects in a Layout grid.
  • Fixed: Border width of Themable button not saved.
  • Fixed: Issue with initial font in Wrap Text.
  • Improved: Removed line-height override from Carousel.
  • Improved: Automatically remove Badges associated with objects on layers, layout grid and other containers upon deletion.
  • Improved: Added warning to setup.exe if Web Builder is still running.

WYSIWYG Web Builder Full License Key {Tested} Free Download

WYSIWYG Web Builder Full Crack & Activator {Latest} Free Download

How to install & activate it?
  • Disconnect from the internet (Recommended).
  • Extract and install WYSIWYG Web Builder 19.2.2 by using setup.
  • After the installation, run the program and use Keygen to register it.
  • It’s done, Enjoy WYSIWYG Web Builder 19.2.2 Full Version.

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