xplorer² Professional / Ultimate License Key Full Download

xplorer² Professional / Ultimate Crack & Serial Key {2024} Free Download

xplorer² Professional Ultimate License Key & Crack {Updated} Free Download

xplorer² Professional / Ultimate License Key is a desktop file manager that combines the simplicity of Windows Explorer with the speed and efficiency of a traditional orthodox dual-pane file manager, helping you be productive with documents, images, music, source code, and other files.

xplorer² Professional / Ultimate Key Benefits:

  • Full shell namespace browser
  • Multiple panes, folder tabs, and Miller column.
  • Preview documents, images, music, etc.
  • Quick desktop search using all file attributes.
  • Visualization of folder size and disk space.
  • Synchronize the contents of the folder.
  • Check for duplicate files to free up space.
  • Advanced copy, delete, and rename operations.
  • Color coding and marking of file names.
  • Run special commands (even DOS).
  • Macros to automate the management of complex files.
  • Fully customizable.
  • The modern ribbon user interface or traditional menu bar.
  • Daily efficiency and control.
  • Easily manage large files.
  • Light use of system resources.
  • Original 32/64 bit and Unicode versions.

xplorer² Professional / Ultimate Key Features:

  • Shell namespace explorer

xplorer² Professional / Ultimate Crack will explore and manage all your folders, including virtual folders such as zip folders, web folders, digital cameras, cloud drives, and even FTP, as long as this service is available on your system. If you expand your shell namespace with a new type of folder, xplorer² will read that as well, in the familiar tree/window format.

  • Tabbed dual-pane interface

Can’t choose between dual-pane browsing and tabbed browsing? Don’t worry, the xplorer² Full Version does it all. The traditional two-pane format is useful for comparing and transferring files, and each pane can contain multiple folders. Switch from one folder to another with a single click.

  • Instant preview of files

xplorer² Professional / Ultimate Serial Key can display most text, graphics, audio/video, and HTML and office documents – and does so in almost all types of folders, including zipped folders, etc. Wherever it finds file-like content, it offers file-like access!

  • Browsing flexibility

You can browse your content in the most useful views supported by the browser, including thumbnails. In large files, you will appreciate the organizational capabilities offered by organizing into groups and multidirectional types. xplorer² will remember your preferred mode for each folder.

  • View & edit text files

xplorer² Professional Crack in conjunction with companion editor² provides no-frills, but useful text viewing and editing in multiple formats (RTF, Unicode, UTF8, etc.). You can also associate with an external editor of your choice.

  • Extended file information (metadata)

In addition to the usual name, size, and date, xplorer² Ultimate License Key can access additional file information such as comments, version information, ID3 tags, image data, etc., as taken in loaded by your Windows operating system (shell column managers). It even has its own useful fields like file checksum, 8.3 names, etc. If you install custom column managers, they will be integrated too! (even column managers are supported for Windows Vista / 7/8/10).

  • Search for files everywhere, using arbitrary criteria

The search engine is the most powerful on the market on this side at $70! xplorer² Professional / Ultimate Patch can search all kinds of folders, including zip folders, etc., and the criteria can include any additional file information that is merged into Boolean hyperfilters. If you want to find files with multiple keywords in their comments, owned by a specific user and made up of songs from artists formerly known as princes, look no further! When you search for contained text, the preview pane also displays the highlighted text in context.

  • Find text within the office, Adobe PDF, and other documents

xplorer² Latest Version can work with text filters developed for Windows Indexing Services, allowing you to search for keywords across all of your document archives. Plain text previews of these proprietary formats are also possible, highlighting your search results in context. Plain text files can also be searched with automatic detection of Unicode / UTF8 encodings and local code pages.

  • Manage files from many folders at once

xplorer² Professional Patch has a special type of window called a junk container where you can put files from multiple folders and manage them all at once – as a result of finding files in a list, except you control what goes into them (virtual folders or playlists). You can save and reload memo lists, organizing your content regardless of its physical location. You can even browse through folders evenly, and recursively, including all of their subfolders!

  • Compare and synchronize folders

In dual-pane mode, xplorer² can display the content of 2 folders in a single window, ideal for comparing and synchronizing content. Using a junk container, you can also compare folder hierarchies.

  • Discover and cleanup duplicate files

xplorer² Ultimate Crack can check your local hierarchy (or even all of your folders) for identical files and mark them as ready to be checked and possibly deleted, freeing up your precious disk space.

  • Execute DOS commands and scripts

When file management calls for more sophisticated external commands, xplorer² Professional / Ultimate Keygen adheres to a template-based user menu system. You simply provide an order template and it is automatically applied to all selected files. So, you can mass rename and more.

  • Customizable user interface

There are many customizable options to customize xplorer² to suit your needs and tastes, from the number of panels you see, the commands that appear in the toolbar, the number of decimal places you want for the file size, and the appearance of the toolbar. You can set the user interface as simple or complex as you want.

  • Individual folder settings

You can ask xplorer² to display specific folders in fixed display mode, for example. MyPictures in thumbnail mode, WinNT in detail mode including version fields, etc. You can also save window layouts for reuse for all folders, for example. has visual content that you want to preview.

  • Visual filters and selection engine

xplorer² Professional / Ultimate Activator helps you manage large folders with ease, check what is visible first – with various wildcards and other filters, and then select exactly the items you want to track. There are too many selection techniques to list, including hyperfilter-based ones that let you choose, for example. all articles with “science” in their comments!

  • Advanced file management

With the exception of basic drag and drop, context menu, copy, delete, rename, etc., xplorer² Professional Crack has a palette of advanced file management commands such as split join, shredding, setting comments, touching dates, pasting subfolders, cross or link, etc.

  • Robust file transfers

xplorer² Final Version can handle multiple parallel background file transfers (simultaneous or queued) providing precise control over confirmation, error handling, etc. You can copy large amounts of files easily and silently.

  • Export folder listings

Anything you see on xplorer² can be exported as text for printing, emailing, pasting into another program, etc. You can also export statistics for an entire folder hierarchy, in tree detail.

  • Extensible interface through shell plugins

xplorer² Ultimate Crack adheres to the Windows shell protocol and therefore all namespaces and shell extensions designed for Windows Explorer will also work with xplorer². You can download many free plugins to provide thumbnails, previews, additional attributes (fields) for search and information, etc.

  • Maxed-out usability

Most and especially xplorer² are intended for day-to-day use with maximum efficiency and minimum frustration. Keyboard and mouse shortcuts, most input field history, path autocomplete, and many other little details work together to give you a comfortable and productive experience!

What’s new in xplorer² Professional / Ultimate

(Released on 24-01-2024)

  • When you browse a folder that gets removed (e.g. ejected disk) the pane switches to the desktop. To disable this behavior tick “Don’t junk folder views…” advanced option (GAO2_NOUSBMONITOR).
  • Advanced settings editor has an option to hide the NATIVE preview tab, in its Quick Preview section.
  • Some bugfixes.

xplorer² Professional Ultimate Crack & Serial Key {Tested} Free Download

xplorer² Professional Ultimate Keygen & Patch {Latest} Free Download

How to install & activate it?
  • Disconnect from the internet (Recommended).
  • Extract and install xplorer² Professional / Ultimate by using setup.
  • After the installation, don’t run the program or exit if launched.
  • Copy the patch to the installation directory, run it, and click on Patch.
  • It’s done, Enjoy xplorer² Professional / Ultimate Full Version.

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