IcoFX 3.9 Patch & License Key {2023} Free Download

IcoFX 3.9 Crack & Serial Key {Latest} Tested Version Free Download

IcoFX Patch & License Key {Updated} Free Download

IcoFX 3.9 Crack is a professional icon and award-winning cursor editor for Windows. It is a complete solution for creating, extracting, and editing icons designed to work with both Windows and Macintosh icons that support transparency. With tons of tools and over 40 effects at your fingertips, there’s almost no limit to the icons you can create. You can easily change your favorite picture to an icon or icon to a picture. IcoFX Full Version gives you the option to create icon libraries or change icons inside exe files.

IcoFX 3.9 Key Benefits:

  • Create icons and cursors

Create icons for Windows and Macintosh. Support for Windows icons with resolutions up to 1024×1024 with PNG compression. Change your Macintosh icon to a Windows icon and vice versa. Support for static and animated cursors. Create a favicon for your website or blog.

  • Import, export, and extract

You can easily turn your favorite image into an icon or slider, or icon into a picture. Supported image formats SVG, BMP, PNG, JPG, JPG2000, TIF, and GIF. You can extract icons from other files, including Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Macintosh files.

  • Advanced editor

IcoFX 3.9 License Key has a complete image editor with many useful tools. You can use different brush sizes, shapes, hardness, and even blending modes when painting. With over 40 effects at your fingertips, there’s almost no limit to the icons you can create.

  • Image objects

Creating ready-made drawing object icons has never been easier. You can combine image objects into layer-based images using IcoFX. This allows you to rearrange, blend the layers, and change their opacity.

  • Batch process files

You can easily work with multiple files using IcoFX’s batch processing capabilities (commercial license). Create, edit, extract or export all your icons or cursors with a few clicks.

  • Icon libraries

IcoFX gives you the ability to create and edit icon and cursor libraries using the built-in resource editor. Using the resource editor, you can also change the icon inside the exe file.

IcoFX 3.9 Key Features:

User Interface:

  • Interface

IcoFX Latest Version has a multilingual panel-based interface. You can fully customize the interface by rearranging, docking, unfolding, hiding, and showing the panels. You can save your customizations in the workspace. IcoFX Crack comes with many predefined workspaces to facilitate certain tasks. For example, it has a predefined workspace for working with images based on palettes.

  • Small Images

IcoFX 3.9 Patch is specially designed to work with small images such as icons and cursors. It is equipped with hard-edged, pixel-precise tools such as a pen, up to 10,000% zoom ratio, and a grid for easier orientation. It has all the tools you will need to create your pixel art.

  • One-Click Icon Creation

IcoFX Keygen has a dedicated window to create all the necessary image formats for your icons with just one click. It can create the necessary image formats for Windows, Macintosh, Android, and iOS / iPhone icons.

  • Snapshot

Using the Snapshot window, you can create a snapshot of the currently open icon to display on your website or presentation. Optionally, you can add a watermark to your image.

  • Preferences

IcoFX Final Version offers many options ranging from simple options such as colored chessboard backgrounds or user interface languages ​​to more sophisticated options such as the image resampling algorithm used.

Icon, Cursor, and Image Strip Creation:

  • Create

IcoFX 3.9 Serial Key is specially designed to make working with icons and sliders easier. You can create icons from scratch, turn your favorite images into icons, extract icons from exe files, etc. Using IcoFX, you can also create or convert Macintosh icons.

  • Image Strips

IcoFX Patch makes working with the toolbar pull tabs quick and easy. Just open it in IcoFX and you will be able to edit the images individually. IcoFX takes care of cropping the image when loading and pasting the image when saved so you can focus on editing the image.

  • Import

You can import your favorite images and create icons or sliders from them. IcoFX supports many image formats such as svg, png, jpg, bmp, gif, apng, tiff, jpg2000, and xpm. You can also save your icon as an image.

  • Extract

If you open a Windows or Macintosh binary file, IcoFX will try to extract the icon and cursor from it. IcoFX can extract Windows EXE, DLL, and OCX binary files as well as Mac Binary, AppleSingle, and AppleDouble Macintosh binaries.

  • Capture

Using IcoFX, you can capture any part of your desktop.

Image Objects:

  • Image Objects

IcoFX 3.9 Keygen comes with many preinstalled drawing objects. You can create icons by simply combining picture objects.

  • Explorer

Using the built-in file explorer, you can view graphics files supported by IcoFX. This allows you to easily work with drawing objects, simply by dragging them on your drawing to combine them.


  • Tools

IcoFX License Key provides over 30 tools to select, edit, and enhance your images.

  • Selection tools: rectangular, elliptical, lasso, magic wand, move tool, crop
  • Painting tools: brush, pencil, gradient, fill, line, curve, text
  • Shape tools: Rectangle, Ellipse, Rounded rectangle, Custom shape
  • Editing tools: eraser, color eraser, blur, sharpen, lighten, darken
  • Measurement and navigation tools: color picker, hand, zoom, ruler
  • Brushes

IcoFX Serial Key comes pre-loaded with many types of brushes. Apart from that, you can create your own types of brushes with the brush editor.

  • Gradients

IcoFX 3.9 Activator comes with many preset gradients. Apart from that, you can create your own gradient using the gradient editor.

  • Text Styles

By using predefined text styles, you can quickly create beautiful text. You can also create custom test styles.

  • Quick Mask

Quick Mask mode allows you to make fine adjustments to your selection. Paint with one of the paint tools to make adjustments to the selection. You can easily refine your selection by adjusting the smoothness of the selection boundaries.

Image Adjustments:

  • Hue and Saturation

Using the Hue and Saturation functions, you can adjust the hue and saturation or color the image.

  • Brightness and Contrast

This color adjustment tool allows you to make simple adjustments to the brightness and contrast of your images.

  • Color Balance

Use the Color Balance tool to fine-tune the overall color mixture in the image.

  • Levels

Using the level adjustment, you can correct the tonal range and color balance of the image. You can adjust the intensity level of the shadow, center, and highlight of the image.

  • Curves

The Curves feature gives you complete control over the tonal range of an image by giving you access to individual color channels.

  • Opacity

The Opacity function gives you the option of increasing or decreasing the opacity of the image.

  • Fadeout

In this dialog box, you can blur the image or the selection. Similar to the Opacity dialog, this will also change the opacity of the image or selection, but you can configure the opacity gradient to use.

  • Shadow

Using the shadow dialog box, you can add a drop shadow or interior shadow to your image.

  • Bevel

The beveled dialog adds various combinations of highlight and shadow to the image.

  • Resize

Using IcofX’s resize tool, you can quickly resize, enlarge, or crop your image or canvas.

  • Replace Color

The Replace Color dialog is geared toward replacing various colors while the Replace Pixels dialog gives you more control over what to replace and makes it easier to replace colors in pixel art.


  • Effects

IcoFX 3.9 Activator comes preloaded with tons of effects that can be applied to your images, icons, and sliders. Combine a variety of effects to produce unique and almost effortless artistic creations.

  • Custom Effects

IcoFX Serial Key even lets you create your own custom effects using the Custom Filters dialog box. The possibilities are limitless.


  • Layers

You can compose a non-destructive image using layers. IcoFX comes with a simple and intuitive layer palette where you can quickly select, organize, combine, and change the blending and opacity of layers.

  • Blending Modes

The blend mode determines how the pixels on the layer interact with the pixels on the underlying layer. IcoFX comes with 24 blend modes to enhance your icons.

Batch Process:

  • Image to Icon

Using the “Batch Create Icons or Cursors” dialog box, you can create icons or cursors from an image. It can also change icons to icons. You can use it to change a Macintosh icon to a Windows icon or vice versa. You can remove the icon’s aspect ratio or add a new one.

  • Icon to Image

Using the Batch Create Images dialog box, you can replace the icon or cursor with an image. Each image format in the icon will be a separate image file.

  • Extract

Using the Batch Extract Icons or Cursors dialog box, you can extract the icon or cursor from an exe or DLL file. Extract the standard Windows DLL icons from your favorite application exe file. You can extract all types of Windows and Macintosh files. If it contains an icon, it will be extracted.

  • Group Images to Icons

You can quickly combine images with names similar to Windows or Mac icons.

  • Apply Actions

The Batch Processing dialog box lets you apply effects and adjustments to images using predefined actions.

Resource Editor:

  • Icon Libraries

Using the Resource Editor dialog box, you can create and edit icons or cursor libraries. If you have multiple icons and want to group them together, you can create an icon library. This way it is easier to manage and redistribute your icons.

  • Exe and DLL

Using the Resource Editor dialog box, you can add, remove, or modify icons or cursors in EXE or DLL files.


  • Color Modes

IcoFX 3.9 Serial Number supports three color modes for easy color selection: RGB, HSL, and grayscale. You can select the desired color mode under Color. You can also select a transparency (alpha) color.

  • Palette

In the Palette panel, you can easily select the foreground and background colors you want. For the basic image palette, this panel will give you access to the image palette.

  • Swatches

The Swatches panel is used to store frequently used colors. You can add or remove colors from the panel. IcoFX comes with predefined samples for your convenience.

  • Recent Color

You have quick access to the most recently used colors and some quick presets. You also have a global color picker that can choose any color on your screen.

Icon Customization:

  • Folder Icon Customization

Using the Customize Icon window, you can change the icon for a folder or drive, or removable media. Customizations made using IcoFX are fully portable. This means that you can copy the personalization folder to another computer and the personalizations will not be lost.

What’s new in IcoFX 3.9?

(Released on 03-10-2023)

  • Support for PNG clipboard format.
  • Added “Tools/Copy Image as base64” menu item.
  • Added “Tools/Get Favicon” menu item to get the favicon of a website.
  • Added option to save a default author for ani files.
  • [Fixed] Shapes were not displayed when the decimal separator was not the dot.
  • [Fixed] 256×256 animated cursor is not saved correctly.
  • [Fixed] Form position is not restored at startup if themes are used.
  • [Fixed] updated to libwebp 1.3.2 that fixes the vulnerability CVE-2023–5129.
  • Enhancements and bugfixes.

IcoFX Crack & Serial Key {Tested} Free Download

IcoFX Keygen & Activator {Latest} Free Download

How to install & activate?
  • Disconnect from the internet (Recommended).
  • Extract and install IcoFX 3.9 by using setup.
  • After the installation, run the program and use the keygen to register.
  • It’s done, Enjoy IcoFX 3.9 Full Version.

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